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Adobe 9A0-046 Exam -

Free 9A0-046 Sample Questions:

1. Which statement about using the Sync Modification Times command is true?

A. If an upload gets interrupted, you must make sure you apply the Sync Modification Times command to files that were not uploaded.
B. Using a file transfer client other than GoLive to upload the file keeps file modification times synchronized between the files on the server and the local files.
C. GoLive’s Sync Modification Times command lets you manually synchronize the modification times for your local site files and server files, without transferring data
D. Synchronizing modification times for an entire site using the Sync Modification Times command changes the modification times of all files, except those that are edited but not yet uploaded to the server.

Answer: C

2. Which Web site component can be either added to or removed from the site by using the Clean Up Site Command?

A. font sets
B. diagrams
C. collections
D. components

Answer: A

3. You insert a JavaScript object into the body of the Layout view of your Web page. What should you do next to begin editing the JavaScript?

A. select the JavaScript object’s icon and begin entering the JavaScript code in the Body Script Inspector
B. double-click the JavaScript object’s icon to activate the JavaScript editor and begin entering JavaScript code
C. double-click the JavaScript object’s icon, then begin entering the JavaScript into the document’s Source Code view
D. select the JavaScript object’s icon and drag the necessary code snippets from the Body Script Inspector to the Source code view

Answer: B

4. You are creating an xml-formatted graphic that is to be integrated with a database and is compatible with mobile devices. Which media type does GoLive produce for this purpose?

C. SVG Tiny
D. QuickTime

Answer: C

5. When you uploaded your site for the first time using FTP, the entire site was copied to the server. For subsequent uploads, which FTP option automatically uploads only files that have changed since the last upload?

A. All
B. Modified
C. Selection
D. Incremental

Answer: B

6. What is the purpose of the CSS tab?

A. to show the files that are linked to the CSS
B. to show the classes and identifiers used in all CSSs
C. to show the CSS name, file size, and modification date
D. to show a listing of all external and internal CSSs used in the site

Answer: B

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