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Adobe 9A0-044 Exam -

Free 9A0-044 Sample Questions:

1. You are using a Brush tool. Which blending mode always results in a darker color?
A. Behind
B. Normal
C. Screen
D. Multiply
Answer: D

2. Which type of layers are required when you are moving elements in a Web animation?
A. single
B. locked
C. multiple
D. grouped
Answer: C

3. Which is an advantage of using a vector drawing tool over a raster painting tool?
A. Vector shapes use layers.
B. Vector shapes use 16-bit/channel color rendering.
C. Vector shapes can have filters applied to them repeatedly.
D. Vector shapes can be repeatedly transformed without degrading their edges.
Answer: D

4. You have a clipping mask acting on several other layers. You want to apply a layer style to the entire clipped entity. What should you do?
A. apply the style to the layers one at a time
B. apply the style to the topmost clipped layer
C. apply the style to the base or masking layer
D. create a layer group for the layers, then apply the style to the set
Answer: C

5. You are creating an image for use solely on a computer monitor. Which pixel aspect ratio setting you should use?
A. Square
C. Anamorphic
D. DV NTSC Widescreen
Answer: A

6. What is the result of painting with a gray color in Quick Mask mode?
A. The selected area increases when you leave Quick Mask mode.
B. The selected area decreases when you leave Quick Mask mode.
C. The selected area is unchanged when you leave Quick Mask mode.
D. The selected area includes semi-transparent areas when you leave Quick Mask mode.
Answer: D

7. Which filter allows you to apply different sharpening settings to shadows, highlights, and midtones?
A. Sharpen
B. Sharpen More
C. Unsharp Mask
D. Smart Sharpen
Answer: D

8. Which rendering intent preserves more of the original's color appearance when converting an image from one color space profile to another?
A. Saturation
B. Perceptual
C. Relative Colorimetric
D. Absolute Colorimetric
Answer: C

9. You are painting in your image with the Brush tool. You have enabled the airbrush capabilities. Which setting determines how quickly paint is applied?
A. Flow
B. Opacity
C. Scattering
D. Color Dynamics
Answer: A

10. You take a picture with a digital camera using a long exposure time. You did NOT use a tripod. Which Smart Sharpen filter setting should you choose to help eliminate blurriness in the image?
A. Remove Lens Blur
B. Remove Radial Blur
C. Remove Motion Blur
D. Remove Gaussian Blur
Answer: C

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