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Adobe 9A0-043 Exam -

Free 9A0-043 Sample Questions:

1. Which field in the Color Settings dialog box allows you to choose profiles that will act as the source profiles for newly created documents, which use an associated color model?

A: Settings
B: Advanced Mode
C: Working Spaces
D: Color Management Policies
Answer: C

2. You are saving irregular shaped objects that have transparent areas as JPEG images for the Web. Which option in the Save for Web dialog box allows you to set the color for transparent areas?

A: Blur
B: Matte
C: Quality
D: ICC Profile
Answer: B

3. You have imported text with substituted fonts, which are highlighted. Where do you find the option to turn off the highlighting?

A: File > Place
B: Window > Type > Glyphs
C: File > Document Setup > Type
D: Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Illustrator > Preferences (Mac OS)
Answer: C

4. How should you display the alternate glyphs for a highlighted character?

A: select Access All Alternates in the Show list of the Glyphs palette
B: select Alternates for Current Selection in the Show list of the Glyphs palette
C: select Substituted Fonts in the Highlight area of the Document Setup dialog box
D: select Substituted Glyphs in the Highlight area of the Document Setup dialog box
Answer: B

5. Which is part of a color managed workflow in Adobe Illustrator?

A: color profiles
B: color swatches
C: symbol libraries
D: graphic style libraries
Answer: A

6. You want to have Adobe Bridge act as a floating palette to easily drag assets into your Illustrator document. Which mode should you toggle?

A: Compact mode
B: Thumbnail mode
C: Details View mode
D: Ultra-compact mode
Answer: A

7. You are converting several vector objects to raster. Which should you select in the Rasterize dialog box so that you can control the resolution globally?

A: Screen (72 ppi)
B: High (300 ppi)
C: Anti-aliasing: None
D: Use Document Raster Effects Resolution
Answer: D

8. You create a new Transparency Flattener Preset. Where do you select that preset so that it is used when you print your document?

A: Transparency palette
B: Flattener Preview palette
C: General Settings in the Print dialog box
D: Advanced Settings in the Print dialog box
Answer: D

9. Which is a typical resolution for printing gradients and mesh?

A: 72 ppi
B: 150 ppi
C: 200 ppi
D: 300 ppi
Answer: B

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