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Adobe 9A0-042 Exam -

Free 9A0-042 Sample Questions:

1. You have created an Adobe Acrobat document. Due to the settings of your font vendor, some of your fonts have NOT been embedded. You give the PDF document to two co-workers who do NOT have the original font installed on their computers. What happens when they print your document?
A. The document will NOT print due to a PostScript error.
B. A Multiple Master typeface will be temporarily substituted.
C. The original font will print as a low resolution bitmapped font.
D. They will be asked to choose a font to be substituted during printing.
Answer: B

2. You want to change the units of measure for a form design from inches to points. Where or how should you make this change?
A. in the Layout palette
B. in the Data View palette
C. in the Drawing Aids palette
D. by choosing File > Form Properties
Answer: C

3. You want to cut, copy, paste, delete, resize, or reposition Content Areas in a form design. Where should you make the changes?
A. Body Page
B. Master Page
C. PDF Preview
D. Custom Library
Answer: B

4. You want to ensure that elements, such as page numbering appear in the same position on all pages of your form design. Where should you place these elements?
A. in the Body Page
B. on a Master Page
C. in the Data View palette
D. in the Custom tab of the Library palette
Answer: B

5. You are creating an Adobe PDF document from a Microsoft Word document. Users will print the PDF document on laser and ink jet printers. You want to maintain print quality while minimizing the file size. From Word, you choose Adobe PDF > Change Conversion Settings. Which option should you choose from the Conversion Settings pull-down menu in the PDFMaker Settings panel?
A. Standard
B. High Quality
C. Press Quality
D. Smallest File Size
Answer: A

6. You are applying password security to a PDF document. Which setting prevents search engines from accessing information such as author and keywords?
A. Encrypt all document contents
B. Enable copying of text, images, and other content
C. Enable text access for screen reader devices for the visually impaired
D. Encrypt all document contents except metadata (Acrobat 6 and later compatible)
Answer: A

7. After choosing File > Create PDF > From Multiple Files, you select multiple files for consolidation into a single PDF document. In which order will the selected files, displayed in the Files to Combine field of the dialog, be consolidated?
A. alphabetical order
B. the order displayed in the list
C. the sort order specified in the Organizer window
D. the sort order specified in the Convert to PDF dialog box
Answer: B

8. Which property of a PDF document enhances PDF accessibility for users of Acrobat who have vision and/or motor disabilities?
A. tags
B. guides
C. color management
D. document metadata
Answer: A

9. You are going to create a PDF document from a Web page. You want to capture the Web page, but not the background image. You open the HTML Conversion Settings dialog box. What should you do next?
A. deselect Convert Images
B. select Disable Media Capture
C. set the Background Color to White
D. deselect Page Tiled Image Backgrounds
Answer: D

10. You have three copies of a PDF document. Each copy contains comments authored by different reviewers. You want to save the comments as either an Acrobat FDF File or an Acrobat XFDF file. Which should you choose?
A. Save As
B. Export Comments
C. Migrate Comments
D. Summarize Comments
Answer: B

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