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Adobe 9A0-040 Exam -

Free 9A0-040 Sample Questions:

1. Which setting in the Audio Mixer window should you choose if you want to alter automation settings for some properties while leaving other properties unchanged?
A. Pre-Fader
B. Safe During Write
C. Show/Hide Tracks
D. Switch to Touch After Write
Answer: B

2. You are composting greenscreen footage that was poorly lit. The corners of the green footage are dark. The subject is in the center of the frame, and you want to remove the dark corners to make the green screen key easier to achive. Which filter should you use to help crop the corners of the green screen footage?
A. Difference
B. Corner Pin
C. Remove Matte
D. Garbage Matte
Answer: D

3. How do you increase the volume of a clip?
A. boost the gain on your audio card
B. re-conform the audio and re-place the clip in the timeline
C. select Meter Inputs Only from the Audio Mixer palette menu
D. select a clip and then choose Clip > Audio Options > Audio Gain
Answer: D

4. You want to create a smooth, semi circle text path. What should you do?.
A. Select the Ellipse tool, draw your ellipse; then, select the Type Tool to type along the ellipse.
B. Select the Pen Tool, draw your path; then, drag the anchor point handles to smooth your path.
C. Select the Pen Tool, draw your path; then, right-click the path and choose Smooth Anchor Points.
D. Select the Path Type Tool, draw your path; then, drag the anchor point handles to smooth your path.
Answer: D

5. Which is a valid purpose for exporting video with sequence markers?
A. To add subtitles to a sequence.
B. To mark important points in individual clips in the sequence.
C. To create Web links or chapter links in an exported sequence.
D. To view a comment in the Program monitor when the CTI is cued to the marker.
Answer: C

6. What is the default crossfade between two audio tracks when you choose Sequence > Add Audio Transition?
A. Invert
B. Highpass
C. Constant Gain
D. Constant Power
Answer: D

7. You want to copy a single effect from clip A to clip B. You do NOT want to copy all effects from clip A. What should you do?
A. select Clip A and choose Edit > Copy; then,select Clip B and choose Edit > Paste
B. select Clip A and choose Edit > Copy; then,select Clip B and choose Edit > Paste Attributes
C. Right click on clip A and choose Copy; then, right click on clip B and choose Paste Attributes
D. select Clip A, select the effect in the Effect Controls window and choose Edit > Copy; then, select Clip B and choose Edit > Paste in the Effect Controls window
Answer: D

8. You are working with a sequence that will be exported to a movie for streaming Web playback. Which three encoding formats should you choose? (Choose three)
C. RealMedia
D. QuickTime
E. Microsoft DV
F. Windows Media
Answer: C, D, F

9. Where does a saved static title created in the Adobe Title Designer automatically appear?
A. at the current time in the Timeline
B. in the active bin in the Project window
C. at the end of the currently selected clip in the Timeline
D. in a separate file that needs to be imported to the current project
Answer: B

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