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Adobe 9A0-039 Exam -

Free 9A0-039 Sample Questions:

1. Which command should you use to remove a defined area of footage from the Timeline window and perform a ripple deletion?
A. Edit > Cut
B. Edit > Time Stretch
C. Edit > Lift Work Area
D. Edit > Extract Work Area

2. You want to attach a banner to a moving rectangular area in video footage while simulating 3D. How should you track the motion?
A. Rotation
B. Rotation and Position
C. Affine Corner Pinning
D. Perspective Corner Pinning

3. Which defines the area in the footage to be tracked when using the Motion Tracking feature?
A. track point
B. attach point
C. search region
D. feature region

4. You have added additional track points to motion footage by using the New Track Point option in the Tracker Controls palette options menu. Which feature or command can make use of the additional Track Point data?
A. expressions
B. Track Type > Stabilize
C. Track Type > Perspective corner pin
D. position keyframes set by the Track Motion button

5. Which effects can you apply to a tracked location using the Motion Tracker?
A. keying effects
B. effects with rotation properties
C. effects with position properties
D. effects with text or number properties

6. Which After Effects preview option uses the first frame encountered during previewing as a proxy during previews?
A. Wireframe
B. Adaptive Resolution
C. OpenGL with Static Textures
D. OpenGL with Moving Textures

7. Which tool should you use to draw a freeform path that will be used as a mask on footage?
A. Pen
B. Brush
C. Ellipse
D. Rectangle

8. Which is an example of a non-drop-frame timecode?
A. 00072
B. 0007+2
C. 4:15:14:07
D. 4;15;14;04

9. You are using Adobe After Effects on the Mac OS. You want to increase the number of frames played back in RAM preview. What should you do?
A. set the Cache mode to Favor Speed
B. set the Cache mode to Favor Memory
C. increase the Image Cache Size value
D. decrease the Image Cache Size value

10. Which is the default setting for levels in the Audio palette?
A. -96 dB
B. 0 dB
C. 100 dB
D. 120 dB

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