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Adobe 9A0-031 Exam -

Free 9A0-031 Sample Questions:

1. You select an area of an image by using the magic wand tool.Which statement is true?

A: The magic wand tool can be used in any mode
B: To add to a selection.hold down the Shift key and click in an unselected area
C: To select all pixeis using the same Contiguous from the options bar
D: To select colors very similar to the pixel you selected .enter a high value for tolerance
Answer: B

2. You want to round the corners of a rectangular marquee you have made without affecting the selection's edge.What should you do?

A: choose Select>Feather
B: choose Select>Modify>Border
C: choose Select>Modify>Smooth
D: enter a value for Feather in the tool options bar and press Enter
Answer: C

3. When shoule you add an alpha channel to a document?

A: to apply a filter
B: to save a selection
C: to apply a bevel effect to a layer
D: to create areas of reduced saturation in a document
Answer: B

4. Which feature requires that type be rasterized before it is applied?

A: filters
B: warps
C: styles
D: pattern overlays
Answer: A

5. You want to use Levels to edit the color in an image without affecting the gray values or contrast.Which color mode should you use?

A: Lab
D: Indexed
Answer: A

6. You want to repair an image with a large.irregular stain.What should you do?

A: select a large brush and paint in Overlay mode
B: select an undamaged area and drag it over the stain
C: select a large brush and remove the stain by using the Clone Stamp tool
D: select the stain by using the Patch tool and drag it over an undamaged area
Answer: D

7. Which working color space should you use for Web images?

A: Apple RGB
B: ColorMatch RGB
C: Adobe RGB(1998)
D: sRGB IEC61966-2.1
Answer: D

8. You are saving a file with several layers that have styles applied.Which file format preserves the layer and style data?

B: PICT File
C: Photoshop EPS
D: Photoshop PDF
Answer: D

9. You want to create a selection by using the Elliptical Marquee tool.Which key should you press to reposition the marquee while still drawing it?

A: A
B: Shift
C: Spacebar
D: Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS)
Answer: C

10. Which is an advantage of vector graphics?

A: They are scalable and resolution independent
B: They are able to represent  continuous-tone images
C: Filters can be repeatedly applied to them without degradatin
D: Image adjustments can be repeatedly applied to them without degradation
Answer: A

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