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Microsoft 98-364 Exam -

Free 98-364 Sample Questions:

1. Your Company is designing and developing a number of databases for a stock exchange. One of the databases will contain highly sensitive data for which high level of security will be required. Although high processing speed is one of the prime requirements of the customer, for this database, security of the data will take priority over the processing speed. It needs to be ensured that even if unauthorized access to the database is obtained, the rogue user is unable to read the data. Which of the following protection techniques will you suggest for this database?
A. Authentication
B. Encryption
C. Native auditing
D. Integrity controls
Answer: B

2. Which of the following statements about external tables is true?
A. They can have constraints or triggers.
B. They cannot be written to with DML commands.
C. They can have indexes.
D. They cannot be used in joins, views, and subqueries.
Answer: B

3. Which of the following values cannot be stored in a character column defined as the primary key of a table?
A. null
B. '0'
C. 'null'
D. ''
Answer: A

4. Mark works as a Database Administrator for DataOneWorld Inc. Management instructs him to provide an additional security layer to the database to prevent unauthorized viewing of data with the help of an algorithm called cipher. Which of the following will help him to accomplish the task?
A. Native auditing
B. Authentication
C. Encryption
D. Abstraction
Answer: C

5. Consider the case of a distance education university. The university has many regional centers across the country. Each regional center has a head known as regional manager. Each regional center has allotted more than one study center in its region. Each regional center has a region code, which is unique and specifies a region. Each study center also has a study center code, which is also unique. What is the relationship between regional center and study center?
A. One-to-one
B. One-to-many
C. There is no relationship.
D. Many-to-many
Answer: B

6. You work as a Database Administrator for InfoTech Inc. The company has a database and they want you to create a design for a database that will support the enterprise's operations and objectives. Which of the following will you use to accomplish the task?
A. Application design
B. Database design
C. Database planning
D. Requirements collection and analysis
Answer: B

7. Which of the following steps in database planning is used to record an object so that it is represented visually in the system?
A. Identifying the relationships between objects
B. Gathering information
C. Object identification
D. Object modeling
Answer: D

8. Which of the following is the process of extracting trails on a regular basis so that they can be transferred to a designated security system where the database administrators do not have access?
A. Native auditing
B. Abstraction
C. Database security
D. Encryption
Answer: A

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