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Nortel 922-108 Exam -

Free 922-108 Sample Questions:

1. Which Communication Server 1000 web-based administration application does the signaling server host?
A. Call Server
B. Branch Office Manager
C. Media Gateway Controller
D. NRS Manager
Answer D

2. You are configuring the Network Routing Service for an H.323 network.
Which step is mandatory for all IP Peer Networking scenarios?
A. implement Geographic Redundancy
B. add a Collaborative Server
C. add a Service Domain
D. configure the Network Connection Server
Answer C

3. An enterprise has a network with Communication Server (CS) 1000E systems running RIs 6.0 IP Peer Network.
For this network, when are the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) resources required?
A. when a compressed media channel is required without circuit switching
B. when interworking is necessary to third-party SIP-enabled products
C. when it Is necessary to transcode between IP and circuit-switched devices
D. when interworking is necessary to third-party H.323-enabled products
Answer C

4. A customer is using Zone Based Dialing in their Networked Communication Server (CS) 1000 systems.
Which prompt has been added to the telephone configuration overlays to allow IP telephones to be configured for this?
A. the DIAL_PLAN prompt (Type of dialing plan for DN/CLID display)
B. the NZON prompt (Numbering Zone)
C. the NUMZONE prompt (Number of the Numbering Zone)
D. the NZDES prompt (Numbering Zone Designator)
Answer C

5. When deploying ESAfor IP telephones, a method for determining the location of the IP telephones is required.
If you are deploying internally, what would one method be?
A. Deploy ESA Package 382 (Virtual Office).
B. Deploy Location Information Services (LIS).
C. Deploy Discovery Manager (DM).
D. Deploy ESA Package 387 (Virtual Office Enhancement).
Answer B

6. To enable and configure H.323 on a Communication Server 1000 RIs. 6.0 system, which software component on the Signaling Server must you enable first using Element Manager?
A. H.323 Gateway
B. Media Gateway
C. Terminal Proxy Server (TPS)
D. H.323 Gatekeeper
Answer A

7. You are using Element Manager to program a Route List Index (RLI).
Which Electronic Switched Network (ESN) parameters must you define first to be able to successfully program an RLI?
A. Routing Control (RTCL)
B. Optimal Route (OPRT)
C. Maximum number of route lists (MXRL)
D. Minimum number of route lists (MNRL)
Answer C

8. You are implementing IP Peer Networking in a Communication Server 1000 Rls. 6.0 network. For correct call routing, the digits dialed by users must be manipulated to conform to the dialing requirements of the trunk.
Which statement describes a property of digit manipulation?
A. rt is onty available on branch offices.
B. Programming is shared across all network common trunks
C. It has the ability to delete and insert leading digits.
D. It uses 64 tables for digit replacement.
Answer C

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