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Nortel 922-107 Exam -

Free 922-107 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Click on the Exhibit button.
A customer has deployed a Communications Server (CS) 1000 Rls.6.0. system at their site.
You have been asked to add tem new IP telephones for the marketing department. The new telephones will require the addition of a Superloop. Normally you would use the Add Superloop function within Element Manager but it is currently not available.
Which Overlay (LD) would be used to build a Virtual Superloop for IP telephones if using CLI?
A. LD 7
B. LD 17 Record 2
C. LD 67
D. LD 97
Answer: D

Q: 2
Click on the Exhibit button.
A customer has added a new Communication Server (CS) 1000E RLs.6.0 Standard Availability system to their existing network of CS 1000M Single Group systems. They are planning to use some of the spare digital telephones on the new system as well as IP telephones.
With reference to the system showing three vacant slots, which two components are required to configure the system so that the digital telephones are supported and can communicate with the IP telephones? (Choose two.)
A. TMDI Card
B. IP Line Card
C. Digital Line Card
D. CPPM Signaling Server
E. Small System Controller (SSC)
Answer: C, D

Q: 3
A customer has deployed a Communications Server 1000 Rls.6.0 system at their site. Their sales department is expanding and you have been asked to add five new telephones with same capabilities as the existing telephones in the department.
Which programming command should you use to complete this task?
A. Move to DN
B. Move from TN
C. Copy from DN
D. Copy from TN
Answer: D

Q: 4
Click on the Exhibit button.
A customer has a Communication Server (CS) 1000 Rls.6.0 system. Telephone users are required to use Basic Alternate Route Selection (BARS) to make toll calls.
What Class of Service (CLS) adjustment must you make on extension 3021 in order to allow the system to use the telephone network class of service (NCOS) to determine call eligibility?
A. change the CLS entry SRE to FR2
B. change the CLS entry SRE to CUN
C. change the CLS entry SRE to CTD
D. change the CLS entry SRE to UNR
Answer: C

Q: 5
A customer has just deployed a new Communication Server (CS) 1000 Rls.6.0 High Availability System. You have been instructed to change the default CLI OAM password to comply with the company’s security strategy.
Which level password must you use to change the default password?
A. Level 1 Password (PWD1)
B. Level 2 Password (PWD2)
C. Super User Password (SPW)
D. Limited Access Password (LAPW)
Answer: B

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