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Nortel 922-103 Exam -

Free 922-103 Sample Questions:

1. A customer is expanding their operations to a second location.
They need to deploy a solution with support for 70 IP telephone usersthat can provide local survivability in the event of a network failure.
In addition, they require support for 20 digital telephones.
Which two solutions should the customer consider? (Choose two.)
A. Media Gateway 10OOB
B. Survivable Media Gateway 1000E
C. Survivable Remote Gateway 1.5
D. Survivable Remote Gateway 503.0
Answer A B

2. Which statement most accurately describes the function of theTerminal Proxy Server (TPS) in a Communication Server (CS) 1000E RIs. 6.0 system deployment for a typical single system network design?
A. The TPS provides web services access to the Call Server.
B. The TPS provides the function of virtual trunk allocation withouta physical presence in the hardware.
C. The TPS provides signaling between an IP telephone and the CallServer.
D. The TPS provides a direct media path between users in the CallServer domain and users In the SIP domain
Answer C

3. A customer has IP Trunks configured between multiple sites. Astati on user from one site attempts to call a different site, butall trunks are busy What provisioning can be used to transparentlyprocess this call?
A. The call will automatically process via PSTN with no additionalprovisioning.
B. The call will automatically process via the TIE lines with noadditional provisioning
C. Provisioning of the SIP Redirect Server will allow Fallback toPSTN.
D. Provisioning of the MCDN Alternate Routing feature will allowFallback to PSTN.
Answer D

4. Unified Communications Management (UCM) consists of three levels:
Network Level, System Level, and Element Base Level At which level(s) can patching be controlled?
A. System Level only
B. Network Level only
C. Both System Level and Element Base Level
D. Both Network Level and Element Base Level
Answer D

5. A customer is opening two new branch offices and wants to use theirexisting Communication Server (CS) 1000E RIs. 6.0 system. The mainsystem uses 22,150 IP telephones.
What is the maximum number of supported IP telephones that can beinstalled in the new branch offices using Media Gateway 1000B thatwill remain survivable in the event of an IP connectivity loss tothe main CS1000E or other Alternate Call Servers?
A 350
B 400
C 500
D 850
Answer A

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