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Nortel 922-102 Exam -

Free 922-102 Sample Questions:

1. The Multimedia Communications Manager (MCM) Rls. 3.0 user account, on the Windows 2003 R2 server, requires privileges to perform administrative tasks on the local machine.
Which local groups does the user account need to be in to properly manage the MCM Rls. 3.0 application? (Choose two.)
A.local groups: Administrators Group
B.local groups: RTC Local Group
C.local groups: RTC Server Applications
D.local groups: RTC Server Local Groups
Answer: CD

2. A company is deploying an Enterprise Edition Nortel Converged Office solution. With this solution, which component balances SIP invites from the Mediation Server and sends them to the least busy Front End Server?
A.Incoming Load Balancer
B.Outgoing Load Balancer
C.Mediation Server
D.MCM/Application Proxy Server
Answer: A

3. Click the Exhibit button.

A technician is in the process of installing the Multimedia Convergence Manager (MCM) Rls. 3.0 software on a Windows 2003 R2 server. The technician decides to use, use an existing account option to install the software.
Which membership must the user account have in order to install the MCM Rls. 3.0 software? (Choose two.)
A. local groups: RTC Local Group
B. local groups: RTC Local Administrators
C. local groups: RTC Server Local Groups
D. local groups: RTC Server Applications
Answer: C, D

4. A Nortel Converged Office customer with an Office Communicator Server (OCS) 2007 Enterprise Edition deployment recently experienced a large increase in sales by telephone. Which action provides the necessary configuration to support their increased call volume?
A.addition of a Multimedia Convergence Manager/Application Proxy server
B.addition of an OCS 2007 Front End server
C.addition of an OCS 2007 Mediation server of the Network Routing server
Answer: C

5. A large customer needs a Nortel Converged Office solution that will support high availability for their employees and allows for future growth of the organization. The customer currently has 100,000 users, and is forecasting a potential growth of up to 10,000 users.
Which Nortel Converged Office deployment option would provide the optimum level of functionality?
A.OCS 2007 Standard Edition Consolidated configuration
B.OCS 2007 Standard Edition Expanded configuration
C.OCS 2007 Enterprise Edition Consolidated configuration
D.OCS 2007 Enterprise Edition Expanded configuration
Answer: D

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