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Nortel 922-099 Exam -

Free 922-099 Sample Questions:

1. Nortel uses IPSec (IP Security) within various Communication Server (CS) 1000 Rls. 5.0 elements. IPSec provides a basis for the CS 1000 Intrasystem Signaling Security System (ISSS) solution. If you want to use ISSS in your Nortel system, what must you do?
A. Use a Secure Multimedia Controller.
B. Enable ISSS from the Call Server.
C. Nothing; ISSS is enabled by default.
D. Enable ISSS from the Signaling Server.
Answer: B

2. How do you access the Network Time Protocol configuration from the Element Manager main system navigation tree?
A. Security>Passwords
B. Tools>Date and Time
C. Security>Login Options
D. Tools>Call Server Initialization
Answer: B

3. Your customer wants to configure Media Security for their Phase 1 IP telephones. You have turned on the "Always Secure" option in the Media Security window in Element Manager and clicked "Submit". You have also configured the CLS for all Phase 1 IP telephones to MSBT.
The documentation states that at this time a "secure" icon should appear on the IP telephone, indicating that Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) is used as the protocol. During a call, the icon does not appear, and the call does not appear to be secure.
Why has this happened?
A. Media Security only works with Phase 2 IP telephones.
B. You selected the wrong secured number of packets (NKEY).
C. You did not set the Media Security System Default for the TN.
D. You changed the default on the Session Key Validity Time (TKEY).
Answer: A

4. A customer is preparing to install the Linux base software on to the Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) servers. Which connection is used on the administering computer to install from the CD-ROM or DVD?
A. serial for both the IBM-X306m and HP DL320
B. ethernet for both the IBM-X306m and HP DL320
C. ethernet for the IBM-X306m and serial for the HP DL320
D. ethernet for the HP DL320 and serial for the IBM-X306m
Answer: A

5.When a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) server is deployed as a Signaling Server for a Communication Server 1000E network, which operating system is deployed?
A. Linux
B. VxWorks
C. Windows XP
D. Windows 2003 Server
Answer: B

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