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Nortel 922-072 Exam -

Free 922-072 Sample Questions:

1.What is the maximum number of IP trunks you can have on a BCM450 with a capacity expansion card?
Answer: C

2.Which statement about the BCM450 capacity expansion card (CEC) is true?
A.A BCM450 with a CEC can support a maximum of 300 trunks.
B.You can remove the CEC if the customer capacity needs drop.
C.A BCM450 with a CEC can support a maximum of 130 stations.
D.The CEC is a standard card that comes installed with every BCM450.
Answer: B

3.What is the function of the BCM450 chassis interface board (CIB)?
A.The CIB connects the base function tray to the chassis wiring.
B.The CIB increases IP trunk capacity.
C.The CIB connects the media services card to the media bay modules.
D.The CIB in the BCM450 can be used in a BCM400 main unit.
Answer: A

4.A customer with a BCM400 has a requirement of one T1, six PSTN analog lines and 12 digital telephones.
What are the minimum Media Bay Module (MBM) requirements? DTM and one BRIM and one GASM8 GATM8 and one G4X16 GATM4 and one DSM16+
Answer: A

5.Which Media Bay Module (MBM) can be combined with the G4x16 on the same DS30 bus on a BCM200/400 system?
Answer: B

6.You need to renumber a group of DNs. You also want to move the voice mailboxes with the renumbered DNs.
Which BCM system allows you to do this?
A.BCM50 Rls. 2.0
B.BCM50 Rls. 3.0
C.BCM400 Rls. 4.0
D.BCM450 Rls. 1.0
Answer: D

7.You are creating a set template based on a DN. You clicked the Add button on the Set Templates screen.
What must the value in the Source Template field be?
Answer: D

8.Which statement about set templates is true?
A.You can copy and paste a set template from one BCM to another.
B.You can choose from three default templates named DN, PBX and DID on BCM450.
C.You can use set templates to quickly assign voicemail mailboxes to several telephones at once.
D.You can choose to backup and restore only set templates and exclude the remaining data.
Answer: C

9.A point-to-point PRI on the BCM to a second BCM has been installed. The second BCM has a 6 digit DN length. Route 010, that has a Private "DN type", is being used. When making a call to the second BCM, only four digits are able to be dialed, and then a fast busy signal is received.
Which process needs to be completed to correct this problem?
A.The public DN length needs to be programmed for 6 digits.
B.The private DN length needs to be programmed for 6 digits.
C.The private network type needs to be programmed as UDP.
D.The private network type needs to be programmed as CDP.
Answer: B

10.Which statement about changing schedule times is true?
A.Start and stop times can span days.
B.Overlapping times cannot be assigned.
C.If 00:00 is assigned as the start and stop time for a schedule, that schedule is in effect all day.
D.It is only necessary to configure start and stop times for schedules that are activated automatically.
Answer: D

11.On a company's default system, six buses of DS30 channel blocks are assigned to Media Bay Modules (MBM) (2/6 channel split). The DS30 allocation needs to be changed to a 3/5 split to accommodate increased IP telephony requirements.
How is this change accomplished?
A.The BCM 200/400 assigns bus 6 to the system bus resource.
B.The BCM 200/400 assigns bus 7 to the system bus resource.
C.The BCM 200/400 assigns bus 6 to the system bus resource through the MBM dip switches.
D.The BCM 200/400 assigns bus 7 to the system bus resource, although all telephony programming will be defaulted.
Answer: B

12.A customer is preparing to install a G4X16 module in a BCM450. They want the module to automatically download firmware upgrades. The country DIP switches (the right set of switches) must be confirmed they are in the correct position.What must the customer ensure about the country DIP switches?
A.that all of the country DIP switches are set to Off
B.that all of the country DIP switches are set to On
C.that the first country DIP switch is set to Off and the rest are set to On
D.that the first two country DIP switches are set to On and the rest are set to Off ed as CDP.
Answer: A

13.You want to install a Digital Trunk Module (DTM) in the BCM450 main unit.
How must you set the DIP switches on the DTM?
A.Set all of the DIP switches to OFF.
B.Set all of the DIP switches to ON.
C.Set the first DIP switch to ON and set the rest to OFF.
D.Set the first DIP switch to OFF and set the rest to ON.
Answer: B

14.You have installed a DSM32+ MBM in slot 1 of a new BCM450 main unit and you want to connect a set and perform set-based programming.
What is the next step?
A.Identify the module.
B.Deconfigure the module.
C.Configure the module.
D.Connect a set to the DSM32+.
Answer: D

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