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Nortel 920-556 Exam -

Free 920-556 Sample Questions:

1. Which two accesses does the CBMMTC menu provide? (Choose two.)
A. the MTC menu level
B. the MDM menu level
C. the TEST menu level
D. the ADMIN menu level
Answer: AD

2. The Gateway Controller (GWC) Manager is a client server application. Where does the server portion reside?
A. on a second Gateway Controller card
B. in the CS 2000 Management Tools (CMT)
C. across two Communication Server (CS) LAN units
D. on the same server as the Media Gateway Manager
Answer: B

3. Which items are within the Multiservice Switch (MSS) 15000 Component Instance Tree?
A. components, instances, and cards
B. networks, components, and attributes
C. networks, components, and instances
D. components, instances, and attributes
Answer: D

4. What type of workstation(s) supports the Device Manager for the Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 8600?
C. PC and UNIX
D. Site Automation Toolset (SAT)
Answer: C

5. Which interface allows you to configure announcements on a MS 2010?
B. APS Manager
C. SuperNode Data manager (SDM)
D. Integrated Element Management System (IEMS)
Answer: B

6. Which two pieces of information does the shelf view of the SAM21 Element Manager display? (Choose two.)
A. the physical layout of the shelf
B. the overall state of the network
C. the operational status of each card
D. the physical layout of the shelves in the frame
Answer: AC

7. What are the two Integrated Element Management System (IEMS) user interfaces?
A. a web browser and MDM
B. a web browser and MAPCI
C. a web browser and a GUI client
D. Windows workstation and MAPCI
Answer: C

8. Which statement describes the purpose of an Element Manager?
A. It manages call processing elements.
B. It provides an interface to perform FCAPS tasks for a network element.
C. It manages call processing routes between two or more network elements.
D. It provides an interface to send OAM&P data from an element to the Communication Server (CS).
Answer: B

9. What is the purpose of the Core and Billing Manager (CBM)?
A. to provide an IP-based alternative to the XA-Core
B. to serve as a data collector for the P-MSC network
C. to provide conferencing and announcement services
D. to serve as a billing collector for third-party core devices
Answer: B

10. What is the hardware platform for Integrated Element Management System (IEMS)?
A. SAM21 shelf
B. Sun Netra 240
C. any UNIX server
D. SuperNode Data Manager (SDM)
Answer: B

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