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Nortel 920-544 Exam -

Free 920-544 Sample Questions:

1. Which feature is part of the alarm count panel?
A. Alarms with a warning severity are not shown.
B. A summary of all critical alarms may be obtained.
C. An annotation may be made from the alarms count panel.
D. Alarms may be acknowledged from the alarms counts panel.
Answer: B

2. Under which of the following in the topology tree is the Alarms node found?
A. Inventory
B. Performance
C. Network Events
D. Fault Management
Answer: D

3. Which action may be used to display the icon of the managed object that is the source of a given alarm?
A. From the alarm popup menu, select Show Map.
B. Double-click on the alarm and select Show Map Detail.
C. From the alarm popup menu, select Show Managed Object.
D. Double-click on the alarm and select Managed Object Detail.
Answer: A

4. Which of the following is true for events that are received from devices that are not part of Integrated EMS inventory database?
A. The IEMS will temporarily add the source device to the inventory.
B. These events have a source field value of Unrecognized Device.
C. The IEMS application assigns these events a logkey value of IEMS601.
D. The IEMS application will propagate these events to alarms with a minor severity.
Answer: C

5. Which protocol is used to establish an Operator Client session from the IEMS into the Multi-service Data Manager?
B. Telnet
Answer: C

6. Which Network Element requires its GUI element manager application to be installed on the client?
B. Call Agent
C. ERS 8600
D. MSS 15000
Answer: C

7. Which statement is true for performing IEMS application upgrades in a dual server (HA) environment?
A. During the upgrade, neither server is in service.
B. The upgrade must first be performed on the active server.
C. A failover must not be performed until both servers are upgraded.
D. Upgrades are performed on the standby server, while the active server is in service.
Answer: D

8. How many simultaneous sessions of each of the four supported Northbound fault streams are supported?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 6
D. 8
Answer: C

9. Which two must be provisioned on the IEMS in order to set up a Northbound SNMP fault stream? (Choose two.)
A. the directory of the SNMP trap destination host (Managerdir)
B. the MAC address of the SNMP trap destination (Managermac)
C. the IP address of the SNMP trap destination host (Managerhost)
D. the port number of the SNMP trap destination host (Managerport)
Answer: CD

10. Which Servman command can be issued to start the IEMS server application?
A. start IEMS
B. servstart IEMS
C. startserv IEMS
D. servman start IEMS
Answer: B

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