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Nortel 920-534 Exam -

Free 920-534 Sample Questions:

1. How many Multiservice Switch (MSS) 15Ks can be provisioned per frame?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
Answer: A

2. A Multiservice Switch 15K is fully provisioned with 6 pairs of VSP3o with 4-port GigE. When provisioning the 905 Gateway Controllers (GWC), what is the minimum number of Trunk GWC pairs required?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
Answer: B

3. How many card slots does the Multiservice Switch (MSS) 15K contain?
A. 10
B. 12
C. 14
D. 16
Answer: D

4. The Media Gateway (MG) 15000 is a highly configurable device.When you install 12 VSP-3 optical cards and 2 four port GigE cards on a single MG 15000, what is the maximum number of DS-0s that can be supported?
A. 12096
B. 16092
C. 20160
D. 24192
Answer: A

5. The Media Gateway (MG) 15000 acts as a gateway between the packet network and the legacy TDM network. What is the capacity of the fabric cards on the MG 15000?
A. 56 Gigabits
B. 65 Gigabits
C. 80 Gigabits
D. 112 Gigabits
Answer: A

6. The Optical Metro (OM) 6500 add Drop multiplexer supports several different cross connect card. Given a transport requirement of 10 GB per card slot, what size of cross connect would have to be installed?
A. 20 GB
B. 80 GB
C. 160 GB
D. 200 GB
Answer: C

7. The Optical Metro (OM) 6500 provides add drop multiplexer functionality to the Carrier VoIP network. To provide packet over SONET transport the OM 6500 needs external Synchronization, which component of the OM 6500 provides the connection for external synchronization?
A. the System Access Panel
B. the Shelf Processor Cards
C. the Maintenance Interface Cards
D. the System Cross connect Cards
Answer: A

8. When the Core Billing Manager (CBM) is configured for High Availability, how many IP addresses are assigned?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 6
D. 8
Answer: A

9. The Core Billing Manager (CBM) components provide a high availability server platform that supports billing, logs, software delivery, and operational measurement data forwarding. What is the underlying operating system?
Answer: B

10. What is the description for the Busy Hour Half Call Attempts (BHHCA)?
A. Sum of originating (ORIG) and terminating (TERM) call attempts per hour
B. Sum of Loss of Association (LOA)s and external (EXT) call attempts per hour
C. Sum of Call Data Block (CDB)s and Loss of Association (LOA)s call attempts per hour
D. Sum of 100 Call Seconds (CCS) and User Service Participant (USP) call attempts per hour
Answer: A

11. On a Communication Server (CS) 2000 compact hybrid solution, which component of the CS 2000 compact provides connectivity to the Message Switch?
A. CA circuit pack
B. MC Circuit pack
C. IOP circuit pack
D. PDS components
Answer: B

12. To which device does the CS2000 or CS2000 Compact use proprietary Peripheral Processing Virtual Machine (PPVM) protocol to communicate call control information?
A. Gateway Controller (GWC)
B. Dynamic Packet Trunk (DPT)
C. Media Gateway 15000 (MG15000)
D. Universal Signalling Processor (USP)
Answer: A

13. What is the maximum Busy Hour Call Attempts (BHCA), for the CS2000 IP / Hybrid Tandem call model for SN09U?
A. 1 Million BHCA
B. 1.5 Million BHCA
C. 2 Million BHCA
D. 3 Million BHCA
Answer: C

14. Which component of the Communication Server (CS) 2000 provides 100BaseT network connectivity?
A. IO circuit pack
B. RTIF circuit pack
C. HIOP circuit pack
D. CMIC circuit pack
Answer: C

15. The Media Server (MS) 2010 supports conference circuits by cloning the bearer paths. The conference capacity is based on the number of participants, the number of conferences and the capacity of the MS 2010. If the MS 2010 is configured with one Trunk Pack Module (TPM) card, and you support only 3-party conference circuits, how many conference connections can that MS 2010 configuration support?
A. 40
B. 60
C. 120
D. 360
Answer: A

16. Given the following Operational Measurement for the MS2010:
What information does this counter indicate?
A. Play Collect Requests
B. Play Collect Successful
C. Successful Conferences
D. Play Collect Failure due to Lack of Resources
Answer: D

17. The Media Server (MS) 2010 supports services on the Carrier VoIP network. When the MS2010 TP1610 circuit pack is configured with two Trunk Pack Modules (TPMs), what is the maximum number of available audio services ports?
A. 120
B. 240
C. 360
D. 480
Answer: B

18. How many ports can the Media Server (MS) 2010 support?
A. 100
B. 240
C. 360
D. 480
Answer: B

19. The Integrated Element Management System (IEMS) supports interfaces that are northbound (to the Network OSS), as well as southbound (to the Network devices). Which protocol is supported in a southbound direction only?
Answer: D

20. The Integrated Element Management System (IEMS) provides a single management interface in a complex network. Which network element requires that device manager is loaded on the client system, so that the IEMS can access the elements interface?
B. Media Gateway (MG) 3200
C. Media Gateway (MG) 3500
D. Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 8600
Answer: D

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