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Nortel 920-530 Exam -

Free 920-530 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 What does clicking on the Expand All button in the upper left-hand corner do in the SAT?
A. It enlarges all fonts on screen.
B. It widens the Output window view.
C. It expands the view of the log details.
D. It displays the separate components to be tested.
Answer: D

Q: 2 When first starting SAT, to which network should the user be connected, to check for software updates?
A. Nortel
B. console port
C. Helmsman Express
D. Communication Server (CS) LAN
Answer: A

Q: 3 What does SAT stand for?
A. Site Automation Toolset
B. System Automatic Tester
C. Simple Automated Toolset
D. Systematic Automated Tester
Answer: A

Q: 4 Which Unix command is used for searching or filtering command output?
A. srch
B. grep
C. filt
D. chgrp
Answer: B

Q: 5 When logging in the SAT, which information is needed?
A. CLLI and UserID
B. CLLI and SiteName
C. Username and Sitename
D. Administrator and User IDs
Answer: C

Q: 6 When selecting the browser view and then an IM section or a component under the IM section, which information is displayed in the center panel of the SAT?
A. links to the logs (if any)
B. a browser with specific instructions
C. the results from the data verification
D. the IM section document that matches
Answer: B

Q: 7 When running SAT, which user type should be selected?
A. Site User
B. Root user
C. Administrator
D. Network Engineering
Answer: A

Q: 8 Given the following Unix command:
cp /cert.crt /opt/apache/conf/ssl.crt/server.crt
Which statement describes the result?
A. It copies the file server.crt and renames it to cert.crt.
B. It copies the file "cert.crt" and renames it to server.crt.
C. It copies all files in directory /cert.crt and moves them to the server.crt file.
D. It copies all files under directory server.crt and moves them to the cert.crt file.
Answer: B

Q: 9 In the SAT, when Specbook errors are encountered, how are the horizontal and vertical offsets counted?
A. from the relative label
B. from the top left cell on the page (A1)
C. from the top left corner of the data table
D. from the index number indicating the item
Answer: A

Q: 10 Which FTP command is used to retrieve multiple files simultaneously from a remote workstation?
A. get
B. put
C. mget
D. fetch
Answer: C

Q: 11 Which specific SAT requirement is installed for each version of a Carrier VoIP Network software load?
A. plugins
B. log indexes
C. speech libraries
D. runtime executables
Answer: A

Q: 12 Given the following Unix command:
chown root:other /opt/apache/conf/ssl.crt/server.crt
What is the result?
A. It changes ownership of file server.crt to userid root.
B. It changes ownership of file server.crt to userid other".
C. It changes ownership of file server.crt from groupid other to groupid root.
D. It changes ownership of file server.crt from userid root to userid other.
Answer: A

Q: 13 Which UNIX command will prompt for entry of a new password two times, to change the password for userid maint?
A. passwd maint
B. chguser maint
C. password maint
D. passchange 2 maint
Answer: A

Q: 14 Which UNIX command is used to display the contents of a file, one page at a time?
A. more
B. display
C. paginate
D. showpage
Answer: A

Q: 15 Given the following Unix command:
chmod 700 /opt/apache/conf/ssl.crt/server.crt
What is the result?
A. It changes file server.crt to group id 700.
B. It changes file server.crt to a block size of 700.
C. It changes the owner of file server.crt to uid 700.
D. It changes the owner of file server.crt to have full access.
Answer: D

Q: 16 After selecting the Integrated Element Management System (IEMS) JWS client option you notice that the login page appears to hang with no response. What is the probable cause of the problem?
A. BootP Service mis-configuration
B. Network File System (NFS) mis-configuration
C. Network Time Protocol (NTP) mis-configuration
D. Domain Name Services (DNS) mis-configuration
Answer: D

Q: 17 Which statement describes the role of the BootP service on the Core and Billing Manager (CBM)?
A. It provides a time provider service.
B. It provides an image loading service.
C. It provides a remote storage service.
D. It provides a boot partitioning service.
Answer: B

Q: 18 Which statement describes the functionality of the virtual IP address, when clustering the Netra 240 workstations in the high availability environment?
A. It functions as a standby IP address.
B. It is mapped to the active of the two workstations.
C. It functions as the internal point-to-point IP interface.
D. It functions as the physical IP interface of the inactive workstation.
Answer: B

Q: 19 Which statement about co-residing applications for the Call Management Tools (CMT) server is true?
A. No applications are allowed to co-reside on the CMT server.
B. When Integrated Element Management System (IEMS) co-resides on the CMT it has a separate application IP address.
C. When applications co-reside, only CMT and Integrated Element Management System (IEMS) share the same IP address.
D. When applications co-reside, Integrated Element Management System (IEMS), CMT, and APS share the same IP address.
Answer: B

Q: 20 Which two steps should be taken prior to installing the Integrated Element Management System (IEMS) application? (Choose two.)
A. Obtain the MAC address of the server.
B. Perform a ping test to verify assigned IP addresses.
C. Ensure that no other applications are co-residing on the same server.
D. Verify compatibility between versions of SPFS and the IEMS application.
Answer: B, D

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