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Nortel 920-505 Exam -

Free 920-505 Sample Questions:

1. A customer has an Optical Metro 3500 network. They are experiencing synchronization losses on customer equipment. There are no alarms present. What should be confirmed first to determine the next step?
A. that the cross-connect types are correct
B. that there are appropriate timing references for each shelf
C. that the Network Elements (NE) are set to the correct date and time
D. that Telemetry Byte Oriented Serial (TBOS) timing settings are correct
Answer: B

2. A customer is experiencing constant frame errors with DS3 connections through an Optical Metro 3500 shelf. There are no alarms present in the alarms window. In Site Manager, how can the information on this error count be found?
A. Select Error Log under the Faults sub-menu and filter for DS3 errors.
B. Select Active Alarms under the Faults sub-menu and filter for DS3 alarms.
C. Select Facility Poll under the Performance sub-menu and select the appropriate DS3 ports.
D. Select Facility PM Counts under the Performance sub-menu and select the appropriate DS3 ports.
Answer: D

3. What is the maximum fault-detection time before a protection switch occurs?
A. 8 ms
B. 10 ms
C. 12 ms
D. 14 ms
Answer: B

4. A technician is solving a problem with an Optical Metro 3500 network. The fiber connections have been checked, and it was discovered that the fiber pair from slot 11 on one shelf is always connected to slot 12 of the next shelf. Which network topology has been configured?
A. UPSR configuration
B. Linear ADM configuration
C. Folded-Ring configuration
D. Matched-Node configuration
Answer: A

5. Which statement about the Optical Metro 3500 Shelf Processor (SP) is true?
A. The SP sits in the Optical Metro 3500 slot 16.
B. The SP provides the Ethernet hubbing functionality required to interconnect Optical Metro 3000 shelves.
C. The SP uses a diskless storage media to store the software load and to record the network element
D. Four types of SP are available: Shelf Processor (standard), SP Enhanced Shelf Processor SPe Extended, Shelf Processor SPx and Shelf Processor Super (SPs).
Answer: C

6. A technician is working on a network with intermittent Loss of Signal (LOS) and Loss of Frame (LOF) alarms, and suspects that the problem is caused by dirty optical fibers. When working with optical fibers, which three precautions should be taken? (Choose three.)
A. Use only Single Mode (SM) fibers.
B. Avoid direct exposure to fiber ends.
C. Cover underminated connectors with dustcovers.
D. Ensure that there is less than a two-inch bend radius on all fiber bends.
E. Make sure the Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) procedures are followed.
Answer: B, C, E

7. A customer has a protected four-channel Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) implementation on the Optical Metro 3500 platform. What is the minimum number of Optical Multiplexer (OMX) modules required at the terminal site?
A. one
B. two
C. three
D. four
Answer: B

8. On an Optical Metro 3500, the Inter-shelf LAN (ILAN) card has been deleted and replaced with a Network Processor (NP). To access the shelf via the IP address, where should the required cables be connected?
C. RJ45x8 IO module
D. Central Office LAN (COLAN)
Answer: D

9. Which statement concerning the Optical Manager 3500 Performance Monitoring (PM) is true?
A. PMs are collected on facilities with an OOS-AU state.
B. PMs are collected only on facilities with an In-Service (IS) state.
C. Key PM parameters are Code Violations for only the Section and the Path.
D. A question mark "?" in a PM field, is a Valid Data Flag (VDF) meaning that the count is reliable.
Answer: B

10. A manual protection switch is performed on a DS3 mapper in an Optical Metro 3500 shelf. Which procedure returns it to its original state?
A. Reseat the protection switch controller.
B. Perform a manual switch on the working DS3 mapper.
C. Release the protection switch on the target DS3 mapper.
D. Force a manual switch by putting the other DS3 mappers out-of-service.
Answer: B

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