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Nortel 920-471 Exam -

Free 920-471 Sample Questions:

1. The Network Routing Service consists of three basic components: Network Protocol, Database Synchronization, and Database. Which component(s) combines a SIP Redirect Server, SIP Registrar, H.323 Gatekeeper, and Network Connection Service into a single application for network-based routing?
A.Database component
B.Call Server component
C.Network protocol component
D.Database synchronization and database component
Answer: C

2. A large customer needs a Nortel Converged Office solution that will support high availability for their employees and allows for future growth of the organization. The customer currently has 100,000 users, and is forecasting a potential growth of up to 10,000 users.
Which Nortel Converged Office deployment option would provide the optimum level of functionality?
A.OCS 2007 Standard Edition Consolidated configuration
B.OCS 2007 Standard Edition Expanded configuration
C.OCS 2007 Enterprise Edition Consolidated configuration
D.OCS 2007 Enterprise Edition Expanded configuration
Answer: D

3. You are using Element Manager to verify the system configuration before implementing IP Peer Networking. Which element can you configure or modify using Element Manager, assuming a VxWorks platform?
A.Call Server
B.Hardware watchdog
C.Network Connection Service
D.Basic Input Output System (BIOS)
Answer: A

4. Which Communication Server 1000 web-based administration application does the Signaling host?
A.Call Server
B.NRS Manager
C.Branch Office
D.Media Gateway
Answer: B

5. A customer has a Communication Server (CS) 1000 network that includes three CS 1000E systems running Rls. 5.0 IP Peer Network. The customer has asked you when Digital Signal Processor (DSP) resources are required. How would you respond?
A.when a direct media path is required, without circuit switching
B.when it is necessary to connect to third-party SIP-enabled products
C.when it is necessary to connect to third-party H.323-enabled products
D.when it is necessary to transcode between IP and circuit-switched devices
Answer: D

6. You are configuring a Bandwidth Management zone on a Communication Server 1000 Rls. 5.0 Call Server using Element Manager (LD 117). The Call Server zones will be used for Intrazone communications between endpoints (IP telephones and gateways). Which is the preferred Bandwidth Management strategy, assuming the network has adequate bandwidth?
C.Best Quality (BQ)
D.Best Bandwidth (BB)
Answer: C

7. A company plans to use the Virtual Trunk Interzone traffic. You are programming a bandwidth management zone on a Communication Server 1000 Rls. 5.0 Call Server using Element Manager (LD 117). Which is the recommended Bandwidth Management strategy, assuming that bandwidth conservation is required?
C.Best Quality (BQ)
D.Best Bandwidth (BB)
Answer: D

8. A company recently deployed IP telephones in its Call Center. During peak traffic conditions, callers receive an overflow tone and calls are blocked. Assume the following settings:
Zone Number = 1
Zone Intent = MO
Intrazone Traffic = Best Quality
Interzone Traffic = Best Bandwidth
Resource Type = Shared
Which programming change is recommended in Element Manager (LD 117) to provide dedicated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) resources to Contact Center IP telephones?
A.Change Zone Intent to VTRK
B.Change Resource Type to Private
C.Change Interzone Traffic to Best Quality
D.Change Intrazone Traffic to Best Bandwidth
Answer: B

9. The customer network includes ranges of Directory Numbers that are routed over specific trunk routes to other nodes in the network via Direct Steering Codes (DSCs) and route lists. Which type of dialing plan is used?
A.Uniform Dialing Plan (UDP)
B.Flexible Numbering Plan (FNP)
C.Coordinated Dialing Plan (CDP)
D.Network Attendant Numbering Plan
Answer: C

10. You are implementing IP Peer Networking in a network that includes three Communication Server 1000 Rls. 5.0 systems. DN uniqueness cannot be maintained so it will be necessary to route calls using site Location Codes (LOCs).
Which type of dialing plan is recommended for the call routing scenario?
A.Uniform Dialing Plan (UDP)
B.Flexible Numbering Plan (FNP)
C.Coordinated Dialing Plan (CDP)
D.Network Attendant Numbering Plan
Answer: A

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