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Nortel 920-470 Exam -

Free 920-470 Sample Questions:

1. Click on the Exhibit button.

An Office Communicator (OC) 2007 user makes a call to an IP telephone user. Both OC 2007 and IP telephone users are talking with one another.
Which protocol shown in the exhibit provides the communications between the Office Communicator Server (OCS) Proxy with MCM and the Mediation Server?

2.Click on the Exhibit button.

You are dispatched to engineer a Converged Office solution with Remote Call Control.
Which component in the exhibit performs the SIP CTI/TR87 functionality?
A.Application Proxy server
B.Network Connect Service
C.Active Directory
D.Signaling Server

3.A company is planning to deploy a new Communication Server (CS) 1000E with Nortel Converged Office.
They want to provide media security (SRTP) to encrypt the IP media path to and from all of the DSP channels.
Which EC Report shows the correct components?

4.Which statement most accurately describes the function of the Media Gateway Controller (MGC) card in a Communication Server (CS) 1000E Rls. 5.0 system with Nortel Converged Office?
A.The MGC supports peripheral cards for TDM services.
B.The MGC provides basic call processing functions for the CS 1000E.
C.The MGC provides a gateway controller for IP media gateways in the CS 1000E.
D.The MGC acts as a Terminal Proxy Server (TPS) or virtual line card for the IP Phones.

5.Click on the Exhibit button.
In the configuration, the Office Communicator (OC) client has the capability of selecting a voice mail option.
Which protocol provides the communications between the Office Communicator Server (OCS) 2007 Front End Server and the Mediation Server?

6.In a Nortel Converged Office/Communication Server (CS) 1000 solution, which CS 1000 component accepts a SIP request, maps the incoming request and forwards the message on behalf of the originator?
A.SIP Gateway
B.SIP Proxy Server
C.SIP Redirect Server
D.SIP Registrar Server

7.In a Communication Server (CS) 1000 Rls. 5.0 system used in a Nortel Converged Office solution, which statement describes one of the functions of the Media Gateway Controller?
A.It performs IP address translation and bandwidth control.
B.It supplies the intelligence the IP network requires to manage signaling connections.
C.It provides the web server, login security and other support for System Management plug-ins.
D.It provides basic telephony media services including tone detection and conference to the CS 1000E telephones.

8.A company is deploying a Standard Edition Nortel Converged Office solution on their current Communication Server (CS) 1000E network.In this configuration, which Front End Server component converts a dialed number into E.164 format, based on the normalization rules defined by the administrator?
A.User Services
B.Inbound Router
C.Outbound Router
D.Translation Service

9.A company is deploying an Enterprise Edition Nortel Converged Office solution.With this solution, which required component balances SIP invites from the Mediation Server and sends them to the least busy Front End Server?
A.Incoming Load Balancer
B.Outgoing Load Balancer
C.Mediation Server
D.MCM/Application Proxy Server

10.A manufacturing company with a Nortel Converged Office solution would like to allow their employees Instant Messaging capabilities with third-party Instant Messaging services using federation.
Which Converged Office Server will provide this capability?
A.OCS 2007 Front End Server
B.OCS 2007 Web Conferencing Server
C.OCS 2007 Proxy Server
D.OCS 2007 Access Edge Server

11.A company planning to deploy Nortel Converged Office requires the capability to retain a record of Instant Messaging (IM) conversations.
Which component must be deployed to meet this requirement?
A.Director server with homed users
B.Edge server with Internet Information Server (IIS)
C.Archive and Call Detail Records (CDR) server with MSMQ Service
D.Mediation server with Microsoft Windows Server Messaging Queuing (MSMQ) Service

12.A company is planning to deploy a Nortel Converged Office solution with 300 Remote Call Control (RCC) users. The solution requires 69 total SIP Access Ports.
Which Enterprise Configurator screen reflects the correct number of licenses needed to implement the Nortel Converged Office solution?

13.A company is adding Nortel Converged Office to its already existing Communication Server (CS) 1000E Rls. 5.5 system. Before proceeding, they need to verify they have the correct software packages.
Which software level is required to implement the solution?
A.Premium Service Package
B.L3B - Advanced Network Services
C.L2 - Enhanced Business Services
D.Enhanced Service Package

14.A company is deploying a new Nortel Converged Office solution.
Which Microsoft component stores global settings necessary for the deployment of OCS 2007?
A.Active Directory Server
B.MCM/OCS Proxy Server
C.Mediation Server
D.Front End Server

15.A shipping company with a Nortel Converged Office solution has a main site and a remote site. The main site employees have desktop IP telephones and Office Communicator (OC) 2007 on their PCs. The remote site has IP desktop telephones and OC 2007 clients. A main site employee initiates a call to a remote employee using their OC 2007 client. The remote employee answers the call using the IP desktop telephone.
Which voice CODEC is used between the Mediation Server and the OC 2007 Client?
C.RT Audio
D.sRTP Audio

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