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Nortel 920-465 Exam -

Free 920-465 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
A college has a combination of Nortel ERS 4500 and Cisco 3500 series switches.They would like to control user authentication from a centralized system so they have decided to install Nortel Secure Network Access Rls.2.0. There are multiple communications protocols that can be used to communicate with both types of switches.
A. L3 SSCP mode
B. L3 SSCP-Lite mode
C. L3 DHCP mode
D. L2 804.1x mode
Answer: A

Q: 2
Nortel Health Agent (formerly called TunnelGuard) can verify that an end device meets corporate security policies. When device fails a health check it is placed into the yellow VLAN.
Which statement describes a yellow VLAN?
A. It provides access to the Internet, but not corporate resources. End users must use the Internet connection to update devices to pass any health checks.
B. It provides access to only the authentication and health servers. These servers must be able to provide any required upgrades to the clients.
C. It contians remdiation servers that may automatically update the end user device so that it will pass health checks.
D. It contains voice and email serives, and limited access to other corporate services.
Answer: C

Q: 3
A customer is concerned about RADIUS using a connecitionless protocol and would like to choose an authentication protocol that is connection oriented when logging into the switches.
They are using ERS 4500 and 8300 switches.
Which protocol is a connection-oriented authentication protocol supported on both the ERS 8300 and 4500 switches?
Answer: B

Q: 4
A college has policy that all PCs on the network must have current virus protection software and that hacking tools such as Cain and Able are not allowed on PCs that connect to the campus network.
They realize that many people who are not students at the college also use the notwork when they are visiting. They would like to use a captive protal to require anyone who accesses the network to authenticate and run a computer health scan before allowing them on the network.
Which NSNA client is ideal for captive portal operations?
A. Health Agent Dsktop Client
B. Health Agent Browser Applet
C. Health Agent System Service-802.1x mode
D. Health Agent System-HTTPS mode
Answer: B

Q: 5
To justify the cost of upgrading a metwork, it is important to show the customer how Nortel can reduce the total cost of ownership. The total cost of ownership includes both one time costs and ongiong costs.
Which cost is an example of a one time cost when determining the Total Cost of Wwnership?
A. ERS software license kits
B. Maintenance
C. PSTN lines/trunks
D. Telecom administration
Answer: A

Q: 6
A consulting company is responding to a request for proposal from a bank. One of the documents the consultant is preparing includes information on who is responsible for gathering needs, financial, and cendor information from the sales team and the customer before the project begins.
Which document identifies the parties that are responsibel for gathering information and when deliverables should be complered?
A. Specifications Book
B. Statement of Work
C. Request for Infromation
D, Bill of Materials
Answer: B

Q: 7
What are two characteristics of a resilient network design? (Choose two)
A. Resilient network design eliminates single points of faiture.
B. Resilient network design design forcuses on simplicity
C. Resilient network design eliminates manual configuration of network devices
D. Resilient network design uses a Layer 3 communications protocols between network devices
Answer: A, B

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