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Nortel 920-460 Exam -

Free 920-460 Sample Questions:

1. You are deploying a WLAN, which hardware should be considered?
A. any wireless hardware that supports 802.1b, 802.1g
B. a Windows 2000 Domain Controller connected to the WLAN
C. a server that supports Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
D. Nortel WLAN 2230 Access Point (AP), with Nortel WLAN Security Switch 2270
Answer: D

2. In your wireless environment you have multiple WLAN Security Switch 2270s. You are using master mode on one of the 2270s.
When the WLAN Access Port 2230/2231 first powers up, what describes its connection preference?
A. It will try to connect with the primary, then the master, then the least loaded WLAN Security Switch 2270.
B. It will try to connect with the least loaded, then the master, then the primary WLAN Security Switch 2270.
C. It will try to connect with the master, then the primary, then the least loaded WLAN Security Switch 2270.
D. It will try to connect with the least loaded, then the primary, then the master WLAN Security Switch 2270.
Answer: A

3. In a Wireless Mesh Network where does the Virtual Home Agent reside?
A. on the Wireless Gateway 7250
B. on the Wireless Access Point 7220
C. on the Nortel Networks WLAN Security Switch 2270
D. on the Nortel Networks WLAN Access Port 2230/2231
Answer: A

4. In which position must the Wireless Access Point 7220 be installed?
A. vertically
B. horizontally
C. a 45 degree angle
D. a 22.5 degree angle
Answer: A

5. When deploying a Nortel Voice over LAN, what is the required hardware?
A. Access Points that are SVP-compliant
B. Access Points that support external antennas
C. Access Points that support Power over Ethernet
D. Nortel Ports 2230/2231 that include a 2270 switch
Answer: A

6. Which statement is true about the wireless adapter used in a PC running a Site Survey Tool? (Choose two.)
A. It must support 802.11g.
B. It must support 802.11a.
C. It must be compatible with a Site Survey Tool software.
D. It must have the supported driver installed that is certified to work with a Site Survey Tool.
Answer: CD

7. When using the Access Point (AP) 2220, what needs to be completed to accommodate Power over Ethernet (PoE)?
A. Connect a PoE power module to the AP 2200 PoE input.
B. Connect a 48 volt DC PoE module to the AP 2220 as indicated.
C. Access the command line interface (CLI) on the AP 2220, and select PoE enabled.
D. Connect the AP 2220 via a RJ-45 Ethernet cable, connect the other end of the RJ45 Ethernet cable to an IEEE 802.3af compliant Ethernet switch.
Answer: D

8. What are the minimum power requirements for the Access Point 2220?
A. 100~240 volts AC
B. 48 volt AC power supply
C. 9 volt DC (vdc) @ 2 amps (2a)
D. 5 volts DC (vdc) @ 3 amps (3a)
Answer: D

9. You are installing the Nortel Wireless LAN Mobile Adapter 2201.
Which folder on the installation CD contains drivers for Windows 95?
A. The folder located under install/win9x/windows95.
B. Windows 95 is not supported by the Mobile Adapter 2201.
C. The floppy diskette that ships with the Mobile Adapter 2201.
D. Windows 95 uses "plug and play" to install the drivers automatically.
Answer: B

10. While using the Nortel Mobile Adapter 2201, you try to confirm the network connectivity status.
What is indicated by the two LEDs when each flashes in an alternating pattern?
A. The 2201 is looking for a wireless network.
B. The 2201 is not configured, run radioconf from the CLI.
C. Nothing, the card is connected and transmitting and receiving data.
D. There was an error, you should stop the card, remove it, and reinstall drivers.
Answer: A

11. When using the Nortel 2220 Access Point (AP), by default all radios are _____.
A. enabled to support 802.11a only
B. enabled to support 802.11b only
C. disabled until you enter the 'radio-key' supplied by Nortel networks
D. disabled, you will need to enable each radio using the CLI or Web interface
E. disabled until you select the country code, at which point the radios are automatically enabled
Answer: D

12. You have set up the WLAN and powered up all equipment in the proper order.
How can you determine if the wireless network card has connected to a wireless network?
A. The LEDs are illuminated solid.
B. The System Tray icon turns green.
C. The LEDs will blink at a constant rate.
D. The LED changes to orange or yellow depending on the signal strength.
E. The user should use the TCP/IP PING utility, and ping
Answer: C

13. When configuring the Nortel 2201 Mobile Adapter, where do you install the WEP key?
A. Connect the 'dongle' to the USB or serial port on the mobile device.
B. A WEP key must be obtained from Nortel Networks technical support.
C. Using the WLAN Mobile Adapter Utility, enter your WEP key then select next to choose the Access Point (AP).
D. Using the WLAN Mobile Adapter Utility, select the Access Point (AP) you wish to connect, and enter your WEP key.
Answer: D

14. What does the Nortel WLAN Security Switch 2250 (WSS 2250), allow you to do?
A. Provide zero configuration for your Access Points.
B. Limit users that do not have Nortel Networks WLAN cards, from connecting to your WLAN.
C. Provide a secure gateway between wireless LANs and the protected corporate network.
D. Provide a secure proxy to the Internet from any source inside your DMZ (demilitarized zone).
Answer: C

15. Which routing protocol is supported by the Nortel WSS 2250?
B. RIP v1 and v2
C. RIP v1 and OSPF
D. none, only static routing is used with the WSS 2250
Answer: D

16. Where in the network should the Nortel WSS 2250 be used?
A. any place on the network that needs security
B. only where wireless networks co-exists with Ethernet subnets
C. the WSS server as a firewall between the untrusted WLAN and the intranet
D. the WSS 2250 is a wireless only device and needs to be connected outdoors
Answer: C

17. What does the clustering feature of the Nortel WSS 2250 allow you to do? (Choose Two.)
A. Limit access to free-roaming clients only.
B. Manage all WSS 2250s from a single console port.
C. Support multiple networks with a single WSS 2250.
D. Allow wireless clients to seemlessly roam between subnets and wireless Access Points.
Answer: BD

18. The Nortel WSS 2250 hardware is packaged in which format?
A. as an "add-on" module
B. rackmount in a 45U rack
C. the WSS 2250 uses a 1U high case
D. rackmount using a 19' depth 4U server case
Answer: C

19. How many Ethernet ports (LANs) does the Nortel WSS 2250 include?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 6
D. 24
E. 48
Answer: C

20. When starting the Nortel WSS 2250 for the first time, what do you need to do?
A. Type in the password "root".
B. Login as "admin", type in password "admin".
C. Wait for the WSS 2250 ready light to be steady, then telnet to the WSS 2250.
D. Enable a management address on the CLI, enter "admin" as the password and save settings.
Answer: B

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