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Nortel 920-448 Exam -

Free 920-448 Sample Questions:

1. An ASA administrator is setting up an SSL acceleration cluster using the following:
•• two iSDs (,, MIP=
• four backend servers (Ips,,, respectively) and has two available VIP addresses (,
When setting up a high availability HTTP type standalone SSL server, which of the IP addresses should be added to the server's iplist? (/cfg/ssl/server<#>/adv/standalone/iplist/add <IP addr>)
Answer: C

2. A support engineer is tasked to troubleshoot a network consisting of an ASF 5010 Cluster of two SFD's and two SFA's with 2.0 software running sync on Ethernet 2 between the two SFD's. The support engineer types in the “/info/clu” command and notices synch errors. What can be concluded about the synch error messages? (Choose two.)
A. SFD lost communication with SFA.
B. Policy has not been pushed to cluster.
C. The two SFD's lost communication with their GW.
D. One of the SFD's sync ports has been unplugged.
E. No valid checkpoint license has been installed onto the cluster.
Answer: BD

3. A support engineer is unable to establish a SIC trust between the EMC and ASF director. What should the support engineer do to resolve this problem?(Choose two.)
A. Ensure the license is installed.
B. Unload the local policy from the ASF Director.
C. Ensure that the firewall is enabled and running.
D. Ensure the EMC Manager is set within the access list.
E. Make sure your policy has an accept rule to allow communication.
Answer: BC

4. A customer has an ASF network running 2.0 software. The network is experiencing intermittent user connectivity problems. What is the most likely cause of the problem?
A. Vlan's are misconfigured.
B. EMC has lost contact with the ASF.
C. ARP Cache has reached max high water.
D. The hosts that are not able to connect were not defined within the access list.
Answer: C

5. A support engineer upgraded an ASF network from 2.0 to 3.0 using the .pkg file and noticed problems within the existing OSPF network. What is the most likely cause of the problem?
A. The ARP Cache has filled up.
B. The routing table has maxed out inadvertently.
C. Upgrading from 2.0 to 3.0 does not support an OSPF upgrade.
D. OSPF neighbors have lost communication with the ASF running OSPF.
Answer: C

6. A support engineer is logged into an ASF via the Command line interface (CLI). Which command would the engineer issue to see the current Check Point Firewall versions that are installed?
A. /cfg/dump
B. /info/fw/cur
C. /cfg/software/cur
D. /cfg/fw/software/cur
Answer: D

7. A support engineer wants to monitor real time sessions going through a firewall. Which command will accomplish this task?
A. cp fw mon
B. FW monitor
C. /i/fw/session
D. via the log viewer
Answer: B

8. A support engineer wants to add multiple devices to a cluster. How can they verify that the MAC address of the secondary ASF has been detected by the master ASF?
A. /cfg/d
B. /info/net
C. /i/fw/cluster
D. /cfg/acc/cur
Answer: D

9. In order to achieve stateful fail-over between an ASF cluster, where must synchronization be configured?(Choose two.)
A. the Alteon Accelerator
B. the Alteon Switched Firewall
C. the Checkpoint SMART TRACKER
D. the Check Point management server
Answer: BD

10. What is the proper way to install a Central Checkpoint License?
A. /cfg/pnp/add
B. /cfg/fw/liscense
C. via Secure update
D. /maint/fw/liscense
Answer: C

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