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Nortel 920-447 Exam -

Free 920-447 Sample Questions:

1. A customer just installed a Contact Center that contains these components:
• Meridian 1 Option 61C
• SCCS 4.2
• Co-Resident Symposium TAPI SP 2.3 and Symposium Agent 2.3
• VPS/is IVR Server 5.4.1 and Peri-Link server 2.090
• Agent PCs
During the system integration test IVR call data is not being received by the Symposium TAPI SP. Which troubleshooting step would NOT provide you with the information to solve this problem?
A. Check to verify local IVR lines are ASTed and IAPGed on Meridian .
B. Check to verify there is no conflict on TAPI/IVR Host Server Port Address.
C. Check to verify that the IP address of the Peri-Link Server is configured on the TAPI server.
D. Check to verify if the IP address of the TAPI server is configured on the Peri-Link Server.
Answer: C

2. A customer has encountered a problem with their Symposium Agent server that requires a complete uninstall of the software from the server. Which step is NOT part of a complete Symposium Agent server uninstall procedure?
A. Remove Sybase Adaptive server software.
B. Remove Symposium Agent from the Client.
C. Remove Symposium Agent server components.
D. Remove Symposium Agent Call Rules Explorer from the server.
E. Remove Microsoft Transaction Server packages or COM+ applications from the server.
Answer: B

3. Given the following network information:
• A customer who sells computers and computer equipment over the Internet has SCCS 4.2 with NCC and five nodes that range from 200 to 1000 agents per node.
• The customer has five Meridian 1 systems in total at all locations .
• They have 150 supervisors in total between all the sites who are using SCCS Clients to administer and maintain their Call Center.
• They want to increase efficiency, bring down the cost of maintenance, and to have a centralized point of administration for their Call Center.
What solution will best fit their needs?
A. Symposium Web Client installed on the SCCS Server.
B. Symposium Web Center Portal with Symposium TAPI.
C. Symposium Web Client installed on the Application Server.
D. Symposium Web Client installed on supervisors' desktops at each of the five sites.
Answer: C

4. A customer who works with student loans has a Contact Center with a Meridian 1 Option 11C 25.40, a third party IVR system, and Meridian Mail Release 13. They want to implement a Call Center solution to efficiently monitor their Call Center agents and increase their productivity.
• Clients with existing loan numbers will be handled by an IVR that will collect the numbers, trigger the third party application to do a screen pop of the client's data on an agent's desktop and route the call to the proper agent's queue through the SCCS/SECC system.
• The customer wants to have two groups of agents with corresponding skill sets; one will handle existing customers, and the other will handle new customers.The Call Center application will need to monitor agents from both groups.
• The announcement for callers will be played by the Meridian Mail.
• The total number of agents is 40.
What is the best solution for the customer?
A. Symposium Agent
B. Symposium Call Center Server
C. Symposium Web Center Portal
D. Symposium Express Call Center
Answer: D

5. Given the following information:
• A customer has a Meridian 1 Option 11C 25.40.
• They run marketing campaigns by receiving calls from eight different toll free telephone numbers.
• They want to implement simple Call Center solutions to keep track of their productivity, monitor their agents, and run reports.
• They have 35 agents and do NOT have a need for complex scripting.
• They want to have one skill-set for each toll free telephone number.
Which product will best satisfy their needs?
A. Symposium TAPI
B. Symposium Agent
C. Symposium Web Client
D. Symposium Express Call Center
Answer: D

6. A customer is moving their technical support Call Center that has five agents and one supervisor to another state. They will move their toll free number from their previous location to the new location.
• They have a Meridian 1 Option 11C 24.24 and Meridian Mail Release 12.
• They want to have two skill-sets, one for software and one for hardware.
• All announcements will be played by Meridian Mail.
• All calls will be initially handled by Meridian Mail and then be routed to the corresponding agents' queues
• They have no need for complex scripting
What is the simplest, most rapidly deployed solution for them?
A. Symposium TAPI
B. Symposium Agent
C. Symposium Call Center Server
D. Symposium Express Call Center
Answer: D

7. A customer has a Contact Center that employs 200 agents. They recently upgraded from a combination of Meridian MAX and CCR to SCCS 4.2 and are using Meridian Mail Release 13 for their voice prompts. The SCCS has been programmed and acquired the CDNs. Test calls to the CDNs do not receive the appropriate treatment. The SCCS 4.2 is programmed correctly.
What three things should you check in the PBX to further analyze this problem? (Choose Three)
A. Verify that the proper VSID is associated with the ELAN.
B. Check the ELAN to make sure the application is enabled.
C. Print out the CDN and verify that the default DN is defined.
D. Print out the CDN and verify that the VSID prompt is blank.
E. Print out the CDN and verify that the proper VSID is applied.
F. Print out the CDN and verify that the CDN has been acquired.
Answer: BDF

8. The Voice Services card on a Symposium Express Call Center 3.0 system is not working properly and must be reset.
What is the proper procedure to reset the Voice Services Card?
A. Press the reset button on the Voice Services card.
B. Reset the Voice Services card from the Maintenance menu of the SECC.
C. Disable the Voice Services card in Load 117 and press reset button on the card.
D. Disable the Voice Services card in Load 32 and press the reset button on the card.
Answer: D

9. A customer has just purchased a SCCS 4.2. As the technician finishes loading the SCCS software for the first time, several errors are displayed on the terminal.
What should NOT be the first action taken by the technician in resolving the errors?
A. Reload the service pack.
B. Reload the SCCS software.
C. Get an ROA on the software.
D. Uninstall the SCCS software and reinstall.
Answer: D

10. A company has SECC 3.0, Meridian 1 Opt 11-C X11.25.40, Call Pilot 1.07 and a MIRAN card which is used for playing announcements.
• The Call Center operates from 7am to 5pm seven days each week
• They have two external numbers used to support their sales engineers who are usually out of the office.
• A sales engineer needs emergency support after 5 PM, however, there is no one to answer the call.
• The sales engineer cannot leave a voice mail message.
What was configured incorrectly in the Symposium Express Call Center?
A. Overflow treatment
B. Emergency treatment
C. Out of hours service treatment
D. Skillset out of service treatment
Answer: C

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