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Nortel 920-432 Exam -

Free 920-432 Sample Questions:

1. What may be a cause of echo on a VoIP network?
A. the VoIP products on the network
B. the CODEC used on the VoIP network
C. poor-quality headphones used on the VoIP network
D. MCDN network features configured on the VoIP network
Answer: C

2. All systems on centralized voicemail must use what kind of dialing plan?
Answer: A

3. Click on the Exhibit button.

Based on the exhibit showing the H.323 settings, what is causing problems with the Communication Server (CS) 1000 - Business Communications Manager (BCM) integration?
A. An alternate gatekeeper has not been defined.
B. The RAS port has not been defined on the BCM.
C. The Primary Gatekeeper IP address does not match.
D. The Primary Network Connect Server Port number does not match the Call signaling port.
Answer: C

4. When should you change the RTP over UDP port range configuration on a Business Communications Manager (BCM)?
A. when you are configuring a CS 1000 and BCM VoIP network integration
B. when only absolutely necessary in instances where port configurations are causing conflicts
C. when you have multiple BCM systems in a CS 1000 and BCM VoIP network integration
D. when you are configuring a multisite BCM VoIP network integration
Answer: B

5. Click on the Exhibit button.

The Message Wait Indication is not working on a Business Communications Manager remote site.
Based on the exhibit showing Centralized Voice Messaging, what is the issue?
A. The Link to the external directory is not active.
B. The External Number does not contain the proper access code.
C. The Message Waiting Cancellation String has not been configured.
D. The Message Wait Indication String must use the mailbox number assigned by CallPilot.
Answer: D

6. Click on the Exhibit button.

The remote Business Communications Manager is having difficulty getting its voicemail to work.
Based on the exhibit showing Capabilities for DN 4000, what is the problem?
A. Redirect ring is enabled.
B. Priority call is not enabled.
C. Allow redirect is not enabled.
D. Pickup group has not been defined.
Answer: C

7. Click on the Exhibit button.

There is an error with the SIP settings of a Communication Server 1000 - Business Communications Manager integrated network.
Based on the information in the exhibit, what is the error?
A. The TCP MTU is set too low.
B. UDP transport is not enabled.
C. UDP and TCP ports are the same port.
D. The SIP server mode should be set to Direct.
Answer: B

8. How do jitter buffers help enhance Quality of Experience (QoE)?
A. Jitter buffers transmit voice frames at a fixed rate, enhancing the QoE.
B. Jitter buffers assign packets to the appropriate queue, allowing for the packets to be played immediately.
C. Jitter buffers can be configured to discard packets that are low quality thereby playing only high quality packets.
D. Jitter buffers hold arriving packets in a buffer long enough to allow the slowest packets to arrive, enabling the packets to be played in the correct sequence.
Answer: D

9. What happens if a Business Communications Manager (BCM) is not configured for fallback and the IP call quality is below threshold?
A. The IP call fails.
B. The IP call is rerouted to a PSTN line pool.
C. The IP call proceeds with low-quality transmission.
D. The IP call is held until call quality is above threshold.
Answer: C

10. Which components are the two main components within SIP architecture?
A. the INVITE and the REGISTER
B. the SIP user agent and the SIP network server
C. the User Agent Client and the User Agent Server
D. the SIP proxy server and the SIP redirect server
Answer: B

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