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Nortel 920-355 Exam -

Free 920-355 Sample Questions:

1. What are the different user account levels in BCS Director?
A. root, admin, user
B. root, admin, operator
C. admin, operator, user
D. admin, operator, observer
Answer: D

2. In the Command Line Interface (CLI), which command turns off the power on the DSM in slot 1?
A. power off slot 1
B. configure slot power 1 off
C. configure power slot 1 off
D. configure power off slot 1
Answer: B

3. Which two CLI commands can be used to retrieve performance monitoring information? (Choose two)?
A. show stats
B. show stats all
C. show dnm <slot> stats
D. show stats dnm <slot> <port> [stat-string]
Answer: BD

4. In the Command Line Interface (CLI), which command will let you change the internal IP address range of the BCS 3000 shelf?
A. configure ip ip-prefix <ip-address>
B. configure node ip-prefix <ip-address>
C. configure port ip-prefix <ip-address>
D. configure shelf ip-prefix <ip-address>
Answer: B

5. What CLI command would you use to set the protocol for a client port?
A. configure profile <slot> <port> <protocol>
B. configure slot <slot> port <port> protocol <protocol>
C. configure port protocol <protocol> dnm <slot> <port>
D. configure protocol <protocol> dnm <slot> port <port>
Answer: C

6. In the Command Line Interface (CLI), what are the different alarm severity ratings from lowest to highest?
A. alert, event, major, critical
B. event, minor, major, critical
C. warning, alert, major, critical
D. warning, minor, major, critical
Answer: D

7. Which troubleshooting capability is supported on the DNM?
A. Traffic sniffer
B. Port loopback
C. Port mirroring
D. Traffic generation
Answer: B

8. What two of the following authentication options can be configured on the BCS 3000? (Choose two.)
B. Active Directory
C. Centralized authentication (RADIUS)
D. Local challenge/response authentication
Answer: CD

9. Which two parameters can be provisioned for a GigE port? (Choose two.)
A. Holdoff timer
B. Duplex mode
C. Auto-negotiation
D. Buffer-to-buffer credit override
Answer: AC

10. How would you reprovision a replaced Dynamic Network Module (DNM)?
A. Rebuild profile via CLI
B. Re-apply active DNM profile
C. Restore configuration from backup file
D. Nothing - DNM auto-provisions immediately
Answer: D

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