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Nortel 920-345 Exam -

Free 920-345 Sample Questions:

1. Why do you need to set all the dipswitches on the right side to off when installing the GATM4, GATM8, G4X16, or G8x16 media bay modules (MBM)?
A. Off is their default position.
B. These dipswitches are reserved for future functionality.
C. Allows the MBM to automatically download the country profile settings.
D. Allows the MBM to automatically download the firmware settings.
Answer: C

2. A customer is installing a GASM8 in a BCM450 in the North American region. They want to set the module to enhanced mode. How must the Mode/Country DIP switches on the right side, at the rear of the module, be set?
A. Set all DIP switches to On
B. Set all DIP switches to Off
C. Set the first DIP switch to On and the rest (2-8) to Off.
D. Set the first DIP switch to Off and the rest (2-8) to On
Answer: C

3. A customer is preparing to install a G4X16 module in a BCM450. They want the module to automatically download firmware upgrades. The country DIP switches (the right set of switches) must be confirmed they are in the correct position.
A. that all of the country DIP switches are set to Off
B. that all of the country DIP switches are set to On
C. that the first country DIP switches is set to Off and the rest are set to On
D. that the first two country DIP switches are set to On and the rest are set to Off
Answer: A

4. You have installed a DSM32+MBM in slot 1 of new BCM450 main unit and you want to connect a set and perform set-based programming. What is the next step?
A. Configure the module.
B. Identify the module.
C. Deconfigure the module.
D. Connect a set to the DSM32+.
Answer: D

5. You are installing a customer-supplied external non-trunk port paging system to a BCM450. it will provide paging over external loudspeakers. What connections on the BCM450 will you be using?
A. page output and ATA2
B. page output and auxiliary power outlet
C. speaker and page output
D. page output and page relay output
Answer: D

6. Which is true of installing an uninterruptible power supply(UPS)that will be monitored by a BCM50 that is scheduled for backups to a USB thumb drive?
A. You must use a USB hub between the UPS and the BCM50.
B. You can connect the UPS whether or not the Business Communications Manager (BCM) is running.
C. You must use a surge protector between the UPS and the AC power source.
D. Use a small- system bracket to mount the UPS.
Answer: A

7. You are adding expansion units to a BCM50.
How do you power those units?
A. Use the auxiliary power outlets on the main unit.
B. An expansion unit power supply can support as many expansion units as you can add to the BCM.
C. Upgrade the existing power supply to one that can support the main unit and all expansion units.
D. Each expansion unit must have a dedicated power supply.
Answer: D

8. A customer requires that a BCM50 be wall mounted. There are two expansion units as well as the main unit.
Which equipment is required to perform this installation?
A. One wallmount shelf and one wiring field care.
B. One Small System Wallmount Bracket to hold the two expansion units and Small System Wallmount Shelf for the main unit.
C. Three Small System Walllmount Brackets or one Small System Wallmount Shelf.
D. One wallmount shelf and two wiring field cards.
Answer: C

9. You want to install a Digital Trunk Module(DTM)in the BCM450 main unit.
How must you set the DIP switches on the DTM?
A. Set all of the DIP switches to On.
B. Set all of the DIP switches to Off.
C. Set all of the DIP switches to On and set the rest(2-6)to Off.
D. Set all of the DIP switches to Off and set the rest(2-6)to On.
Answer: A

10. You are installing a BCM50 at a small business site with seven digital stations. The customer wants to connect two PCs directly to the BCM50 to which hardware configuration can support this installation?
A. BCM expansion unit
B. BCM50 main unit
C. BCM50a main unit
D. BCM50b main unit
E. BCM50e main unit
Answer: E

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