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Nortel 920-260 Exam -

Free 920-260 Sample Questions:

1. Which two are attributes of a Nortel Secure Router access list filter? (Choose two.)
A.They are applied to an interface with a direction.
B.Filters can only be used on WAN side interfaces.
C.There is an implicit Deny at the end of every filter.
D.There is an implicit Allow at the end of every filter.
Answer: AC

2. What does the command SR/configure>log local perform?
A.turn on logging the log file locally
C.use the router local time for logging
D.request the local time when the log file is accessed
Answer: C

3. What is a major reason to choose dynamic routing over static routing?
A.the number of users
B.the number of WAN links
C.the number of Nortel products
D.the size and complexity of the network(s)
Answer: D

4. A customer is installing a new branch office solution. The solution must support the following features: six megabyte of WAN bandwidth, four v.35 serial port connections, RIP version 2, Class-based queuing, IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity.
Which product can support all of the requested features?
A.Nortel Secure Router 1001S
B.Nortel Secure Router 1002
C.Nortel Secure Router 4134
D.Nortel Secure Router 1004
Answer: C

5. Which two 1000 series Nortel Secure Routers are available with a backup ISDN port? (Choose two.)
Answer: AB

6. In a scenario where you will need 6 MB of WAN bandwidth, scaleable up to 12 MB within a year, which Nortel Secure Router product will best suit your installation now and in a year?
Answer: D

7. Which feature provides you with router redundancy using a Nortel Secure Router?
A.Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
B.Hot Standby Redundancy Protocol
C.IP Multicasting
D.Virtual Ethernet / LAN Extension
Answer: A

8. Which function of the Nortel Secure Router will discard packets when your available bandwidth reaches near maximum utilization?
D.DSX Drop and insert
Answer: A

9. A packet entering the Nortel Secure Router is checked against the routing table to determine if it entered the correct interface and then forwarded to any outgoing interfaces.
What is this called?
A.IGMP v3 with snooping
B.Reverse Path Forwarding
C.Restrictive Path Foundation
D.Multicast datagram stripping
Answer: B

10. In which ways does Unicast and Multicast routing differ?
A.Unicast routing is based on the source IP.
B.Multicast routing is based on the source IP.
C.Multicast routing is based on the destination IP.
D.Multicast routing is no different from Unicast routing.
Answer: B

11. Protocol Independent Multicast shared distribution trees use a predetermined point installed on the network to act as a common root.
What is this device called?
A.multicast pivot
B.shared tree root
C.rendezvous point
D.shortest path tree
Answer: C

12. Which minimum bandwidth amount does the Secure Router 1004 allow the administrator to define to a traffic class?
B.1 KB
Answer: B

13. During Packet Classification for QoS, the traffic inbound on an interface is split into the different defined classes and is then queued. Where is the packet queued? the inbound interface NVRAM the outbound interface an unused interface
Answer: C

14. Which factor affects the number of QoS classes you can create?
A.router licensing level
B.bandwidth on each T1
C.number of WAN bundles bandwidth available
Answer: D

15. On a Nortel Secure Router 4134, the QoS operations can be performed on chassis and module components. The QoS processing functions performed by the Module QoS are listed.
Which two functions are performed in association with the Module QoS egress packet processing? (Choose two.)
A.Class of Service marking
B.traffic shaping
C.flow classification
D.traffic policing
Answer: BE

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