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Nortel 920-259 Exam -

Free 920-259 Sample Questions:

1. All communication between the WLAN Security Switch and Access Point (AP) is encrypted, including all control and management traffic. This feature limits the ability of the Rogue AP to join the network. Which two methods are used to secure this traffic? (Choose two.)
C. x.509 certificates
D. 802.1X/EAP
Answer: BC

2. The WLAN 2300 series offers a number of options for monitoring a Wireless LAN. WLAN Management System (WMS) 2300 can be used to view real-time statistics of clients and Access Points. It can also be important for reporting faults that have occurred on Wireless Security Switches. Which operating system supports the WMS 2300?
B. Sun Solaris 2.8
C. SUSE Linux 10.0
D. IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.1
Answer: C

3. In the WLAN Security Switch (WSS) 2380, Access Points use forwarding queues to prioritize WLAN traffic. What is responsible for assigning the queue in which traffic is placed?
A. the IP ToS field
B. the DSCP value
C. the mobility domain
D. the CoS value of the packet
Answer: A

4. A Nortel WLAN 2300 Series network contains multiple WLAN Security Switches. One WLAN Security Switch is configured as the primary mobility domain seed. Another WLAN Security Switch is configured as the secondary mobility domain seed. If the primary mobility domain seed becomes unavailable, the secondary mobility domain seed is promoted to be the primary mobility domain seed. When the original primary mobility domain seed becomes available again, what happens to the recently promoted secondary mobility domain seed?
A. The secondary mobility domain seed remains in the promoted stated until the network administrator intervenes.
B. The secondary mobility domain seed is automatically demoted back to its original state.
C. The promoted secondary mobility domain seed remains as the permanent primary mobility domain seed.
D. The mobility domain seed with the lowest IP address becomes the primary mobility domain seed.
Answer: B

5. A customer is implementing security with the WLAN 2300 series and wants to provide strong
authentication of their users. They have an existing LDAP database with users already configured. What must be in place to query the LDAP server?
C. RADIUS Server
D. Active Directory
Answer: C

6. The Wireless Management System (WMS) application can be installed on Windows platforms as well as open source distributions. On which two open source distributions is the WMS supported? (Choose two.)
A. BSD 6.0
B. Mandrake
C. Red Hat WS 3
D. SUSE Linux 10.0
Answer: CD

7. The WLAN 2300 series support a mobility domain. The mobility domain allows for transparent roaming and consistent user experience.With regard to providing the benefits of a mobility domain, which statement is true?
A. All Access Points broadcast identical SSIDs.
B. A secondary mobility domain seed must be configured.
C. WMS 2300 manages all Wireless Security Switches.
D. All WSS systems must be a member of the same mobility domain.
Answer: D

8. A customer is planning a WLAN for a site that implements Wireless IP telephony. Planning for this requires the minimum radio signal strength be taken into account. What is the minimum radio signal strength required for IP telephony?
A. -50dbm
B. -60dbm
C. -70dbm
D. -80dbm
Answer: C

9. A customer is configuring a network for voice over WLAN which contains a Meridian 1 Call Server, a 2245 IP Telephony, a TFTP server, and 6120/6140 handsets. Which action regarding how voice traffic is prioritized over the WLAN is true?
A. Use Access Point forwarding queues.
B. Modify the ToS value of the packet.
C. Enable the WMM in the radio profile.
D. Create an ACL to change the CoS value of SVP.
Answer: D

10. A customer has a WLAN 2350 network with 6120 telephones and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) authentication enabled.Which two configuration properties of theWLAN Security Switch 2350 can be set to ensure high voice quality? (Choose two.)
A. disable WMM
B. enable Active Scan
C. disable Active Scan
D. enable auto-tune power
E. configure authentication to OPEN
Answer: AC

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