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Nortel 920-255 Exam -

Free 920-255 Sample Questions:

1. Which two commands can be used to edit an access list? (Choose two.)
A. edit
B. insert
C. delete
D. include
Answer: BC

2. Which is the definition of a Security Zone within the framework of the Nortel Secure Router firewall?
A. A separate firewall running on each interface individually.
B. A logical difference between WAN interfaces for security.
C. A virtual firewall with its own inbound and outbound database.
D. A representation of each firewall in your WAN and branch network.
Answer: A

3. Which are attributes of a Nortel Secure Router access list filter? (Choose two.)
A. They are applied to an interface with a direction.
B. Filters can only be used on WAN side interfaces.
C. There is an implicit Deny at the end of every filter.
D. There is an implicit Allow at the end of every filter.
Answer: AC

4. Which mechanism most directly manages SIP traffic on the Nortel Secure Router?
A. Stateful Inspection
B. SIP Audio scanning
C. Source Based Filtering
D. Application Level Gateway
Answer: D

5. Which command will show the status, number of links, total bandwidth and TX/RX statistic for a bundle named WAN?
A. show bundle WAN
B. debug interface bundle
C. show interface bundle WAN
D. show module configuration WAN
Answer: C

6. Which connector does a CT3 use?
B. RJ45
C. RJ48C
D. RS-232
Answer: A

7. Which is the limiting factor to how many T1s can be placed in a single bundle?
A. Code version
B. 3 on a 1000, 8 on a 3120
C. Number available on the platform
D. Bandwidth divided by modules installed
Answer: C

8. To what lowest level will the Nortel Secure Router products support fractional T1s?
A. DS0
B. DS1
C. DS2
D. No fractional T1
Answer: A

9.When you type show interface bundle wan1 you see packet dropped above max under the RED statistics.
Which are two solutions to this issue? (Choose two.)
A. Add more bandwidth
B. Upgrade the hardware
C. Re-build your WAN bundle
D. Tune your RED parameters
Answer: AD

10. A Nortel Secure Router is configured to receive clocking from the provider. To what should the clocksource be set?
A. Line
D. Internal
Answer: A

11. When you attempt to ping the router you see a 50% packet loss, but regular traffic is passing correctly.
Which can be the cause?
A. Spanning tree
B. DOS is enabled
C. Dynamic routing
D. Ethernet port unconfigured
Answer: B

12. Which two encapsulations can be manually configured by the Nortel Secure Router? (Choose two.)
Answer: AC

13. Where do you specify the cable type on a 3120 serial connector?
A. Under the bundle configuration
B. Under the module configuration
C. The cable type is automatically configured
D. The modules come pre-set for a specific cable type
Answer: B

14. As an engineer, you are enabling OSPF on the Nortel Secure Router. You have already configured and tested your Ethernet ports and WAN links. Which is the next step?
A. Do nothing, OSPF is enabled by default.
B. Configure OSPF on the associated interfaces.
C. Type router ospf from the configure prompt.
D. Create a router ID using a configured IP address on the router.
Answer: D

15. Which is the correct syntax to view only OSPF routes?
A. show ip route
B. show route ospf
C. show ip route ospf
D. show ip ospf route
Answer: C

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