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Nortel 920-251 Exam -

Free 920-251 Sample Questions:

1. How many syslog servers can be set on the Alteon switch?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Answer: B

2. When a session is created by a packet entering an RTS enabled port, what is true?
A. The session has a default age of 6 minutes
B. The session has a default age of 8 minutes
C. The RTS sessions statistic increments by one
D. The destination IP of the packet is the source IP of the session
Answer: D

3. Select the two that are Server Load Balancing (SLB) configuration components in a single-switch scenario.
A. one or more RIP Groups
B. one or more VIP addresses
C. one or more DNS servers
D. one or more Virtual Routers
Answer: AB

4. How many Virtual IP adresses can be assigned to a single switch?
A. one
B. twenty-four
C. one hundred
D. two hundred fifty-six
Answer: D

5. Which of the following commands displays current switch information, including code version, MAC address and switch model?
A. i/log
B. i/sys
C. maint/sys
D. oper/ip
Answer: B

6. Which command do you use to look up the code versions already stored in the component?
A. /info/flash
B. /boot/cur
C. /cfg/boot/cur
D. /maint/img/cur
Answer: B

7. Which command chooses the active code?
A. /boot/image
B. /maint/img/active
C. /oper/img/image
D. /cfg/boot/active
Answer: A

8. Which command transfers code from the component via the network to external storage?
A. /maint/img/put
B. /boot/ptimg
C. /cfg/boot/ptimg
D. /oper/img/put
Answer: B

9. What is the correct command to start code that has been marked as "active"?
A. /maint/img/start
B. /boot/reset
C. /oper/img/restart
D. /cfg/sys/reload
Answer: B

10. When spanning tree is enabled on the switch, which three things does it do?
A. detects and eliminates logical loops in a bridged or switched network
B. configures the network so that a switch uses only the most efficient path
C. allows multiple broadcast domains to operate over each Virtual Local Area Network
D. when a path fails, it automatically sets up another active path to sustain the network
Answer: ABD

11. What happens when direct access mode is enabled on the switch?
A. any client can receive ARP requests from the network
B. any client can communicate with any real server to its load balanced service
C. multiple clients will have access to servers running FTP
D. a single client is allowed access to servers running SSL
Answer: B

12. What does Virtual Matrix Architecture (VMA) do?
A. allows filtering to be configured on all physical ports
B. takes individual resources from any back-up switch and utilizes them for load balancing
C. takes any unused resources within a switch by distributing the workload to multiple processors
D. allows the switch to process TCP traffic from telnet sessions
Answer: C

13. Each spanning tree on the switch can be configured with multiples of which entity?
A. ports
B. interfaces
D. real servers
Answer: C

14. From which main menu can you upgrade the switch software?
A. Operations command menu
B. Boot options menu
C. Configuration menu
D. Maintenance menu
Answer: B

15. Which command reboots the switch from the command line?
A. /main/reboot
B. /boot/reboot
C. /boot/reset
D. /oper/reboot
Answer: C

16. Which command tells you the software versions in all images currently on the switch?
A. /info/dump
B. /cfg/dump
C. /cfg/sys/cur
D. /boot/cur
Answer: D

17. Which command enables the Web UI?
A. /cfg/sys/webui enable
B. /cfg/webui enable
C. /cfg/sys/http enable
D. /cfg/web/http enable
Answer: C

18. Select the two which are required for setting up a syslog.
A. host IP address
B. community IP addresses
C. host number (can be 1 or 2)
D. list of syslog messages to be used
Answer: AC

19. Which command shows current syslog settings?
A. /cfg/syslog/system cur
B. /cfg/dump
C. /cfg/sys/cur
D. /cfg/syslog/cur
Answer: C

20. Select two which are true for SNMP network management.
A. System name is not required
B. You can allow only one host to receive system traps
C. You can allow up to two hosts to receive system traps
D. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) setup allows read/write community strings
Answer: CD

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