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Nortel 920-250 Exam -

Free 920-250 Sample Questions:

1. A network design engineer is configuring a customer's network. The customer has a number of Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX) clients on the network which attempt to login to a server immediately after boot up. If a port on the Passport 8600 does NOT begin forwarding packets from these clients almost immediately after link is detected, the login will timeout and be unsuccessful. What feature should be enabled on the Passport 8600 ports with the customer's IPX clients connected?
A. VLAN tagging
B. Spanning Tree FastStart
C. Autonegotiation
D. Quality of Service
Answer: B

2. An engineer needs to change the value of the timeout parameter to 10 seconds for a RADIUS server with the IP address previously configured on a Passport 8600. Which Command Line Interface (CLI) commands can be used to change the parameter setting for the server without having to delete then re-create the server definition?
A. config radius server set timeout 10
B. config radius server reset timeout 10
C. config radius server modify timeout 10
D. config radius server timeout 10
Answer: A

3. A network administrator is provisioning a new Passport 8600 and will install in the same 8010 chassis:
• switching I/O modules (Passport 8100 modules)
• routing I/O modules (Passport 8600 modules)
In which slots would you install the Passport 8100 I/O modules?
A. Any of the available slots in 1 to 4
B. Any of the available slots in 7 to 10
C. Any of the available slots in 1 to 10
D. Any of the available slots in 1 to 4 and 7 to 10
Answer: D

4. Which cable type can be used with Gigabit Ethernet SX cards?
A. UTP5 wiring
B. thick net fiber
C. multimode fiber (MMF)
D. single mode fiber (SMF)
Answer: C

5. What happens when you enable Layer 2 Central Processing Unit (CPU) redundancy on the Passport 8600?
A. Both the primary and backup CPUs synchronize their database structures following initialization.
B. The primary CPU maintains the database structures for the switch, which the backup CPU must learn in the event of a failure.
C. Both the primary and backup CPUs synchronize their forwarding databases, however, the routing table is only maintained on the primary CPU.
D. The backup CPU will load the configuration file when a primary CPU failure is detected, ensuring the network returns to an operational state.
Answer: A

6. If one Multi Link Trunk is being used, how many fewer VLANs would be available on the Passport 8600?
A. 1
B. 4
C. 8
D. 16
Answer: C

7. A Passport 8600 customer is determining which routing protocol to use in their network. The configuration is relatively small, and the links are considered stable. The customer does NOT have extensive protocol expertise and wants to keep Central Process Unit (CPU) requirements as low as possible. Which standards based routing protocol will most effectively match the customer's needs?
B. IEEE 802.1Q
C. OSPF (Open Shortest Path First)
D. RIP (Routing Information Protocol)
Answer: D

8. What is an advantage of a brouter port?
A. It does NOT require a VLAN ID nor decreases the number of VLANs.
B. It has the ability to use multiple brouter ports in the same VLAN.
C. It can be in the blocking state for non-routable traffic and still be able to route IP traffic.
D. It drops all broadcast traffic and only routes IP traffic.
Answer: C

9. Identify the two TRUE statements regarding Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) Backup. (Choose two.)
A. It must advertise its presence to the network.
B. It must NOT accept packets addressed to the IP address(es) associated with the virtual router.
C. It must discard packets with a destination Media Access Control (MAC) equal to the virtual router MAC.
D. It must respond to Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) requests for address(es) associated with the virtual router.
Answer: BC

10. A service provider has a Passport 8600 network with VLANs. A live video conferencing application supports multicasts going to multiple receivers. Between the multicast source and each receiver, which protocol method could be used to determine the optimum forwarding paths?
A. Open Multicast Routing Protocol (OMRP)
B. Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP)
C. Multicast Group Management Protocol (MGMP)
D. Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol (DVMRP)
Answer: D

11. An engineer needs to change the password for the ro user name. What is the minimum level of management access required by the engineer in order to make the change?
A. ro
B. 13
C. rw
D. rwa
Answer: D

12. An e-commerce company uses Passport 8600s in their core network with these requirements:
• Multiple servers connected to the core network
• Data closet switches connected to the core network
• Quality of Service (QoS) configured on the Passport 8600s
• Customers must be able to reach the e-commerce web site with little latency
Which service class ensures that traffic to the company's e-commerce web site takes precedence over normal, low-priority user traffic?
A. Olympic Service Class
B. Standard Service Class
C. Premium Control Sevice Class
D. Network Control Service Class
Answer: A

13. An engineer needs to flush the MAC (Media Access Control) on slot 1 port 1. Which action command should be entered?
A. config Ethernet 1/1 action flushMAC
B. config Ethernet 1/1 action flushMacFdb
C. config Ethernet 1/1 action flushArp
D. flushmacfdb
Answer: B

14. A Passport 8600 switch has an 8648TX card installed in Slot 1. Autonegotiation has already been disabled on Port 48 of this card. Which Command Line Interface (CLI) command should you use to set this port for Half-Duplex operation?
A. config port 1/48 duplex half
B. config ethernet 1/48 duplex half
C. config port 1/48 half-duplex true
D. config ethernet 1/48 half-duplex true
Answer: B

15. An access port has been configured as a potential member of both:
• IP protocol-based VLAN
• SNA (Simple Network Architecture) protocol-based VLAN
The first frame arriving at the port is an SNA frame and assigns the port to the SNA protocol-based VLAN.
What will happen when IP frames begin arriving ten seconds later?
A. The IP frames are dropped until the SNA VLAN membership times out.
B. The port is immediately re-assigned to the IP protocol-based VLAN.
C. The IP frames are flooded to all ports assigned to the SNA protocol-based VLAN.
D. The IP frames are passed to the Central Processing Unit (CPU), which sends an ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) "Destination Unreachable" message back out the same port.
Answer: A

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