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Nortel 920-247 Exam -

Free 920-247 Sample Questions:

1. The WLAN 2300 Series has graphical monitoring services for individual WLAN Security Switches or an entire Mobility Domain. The WLAN can be monitored via a different method that does not require a client. What is an additional monitoring method that can be used?
A. service logs
B. the WLAN manager
C. CLI via the console port
D. any wireless monitoring software
Answer: C

2. The WMS 2300 uses a database to collect and store data. Many reports can be generated from the monitoring and configuration data. Which is a main data type that can be generated?
A. user data
B. client data
C. verification data
D. authentication data
Answer: B

3. A support provider needs to manage a WLAN location with multiple Wireless LAN 2300 Security Switches. They need to be able to administer the system both onsite and from remote locations. Which system of administrating the WSS 2300s will work best for the administrator both locally and remotely?
A. 24/7 support onsite
B. the WLAN Management System (WMS)
C. unique web browser session to each WSS 2300
D. web Browser Interface (WBI) to each WSS 2300
Answer: B

4. What is the Nortel recommended platform for running the WMS 2300 Client?
A. P4, 3.6 GHz, 1GB RAM, 1GB available hard disk space
B. P4, 4.4 GHz, 2GB RAM, 2GB available hard disk space
C. P4, 4.3 Ghz, 1GB RAM, 200MB available hard disk space
D. P4, 4.2 GHz, 512MB RAM, 100MB available hard disk space
Answer: C

5.When a client is making changes to the network plan, the plan is locked and cannot be modified by other clients.What is the current maximum number of clients that can be logged into the server at the same time?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 8
D. 16
Answer: C

6. Your customer has multiple Wireless Security Switch (WSS) 2300s deployed and needs to remotely administer their operation. Which method of access will best meet this need?
A. Connect each WSS 2300's console port to a dial-up modem and dial-in using your PC.
B. Enable the Web Browser Interface (WBI) on each WSS 2300 and connect via your web browser.
C. Have a local technician connect to a WSS 2300's console port and then you can direct them over the phone.
D. Setup a WLAN Management System (WMS) at the customer site and connect to this system via your WMS client.
Answer: D

7. Reports from the WMS 2300 series database have three selectable aspects that can be used optionally to define reports. Which two are selectable report aspects? (Choose two.)
A. selectable pages
B. selectable format
C. selectable scope type
D. selectable time period
Answer: CD

8. Which three represent the functionality available in the current version of the network planning tool? (Choose three.)
A. defining RF obstacles
B. automated planning of RF coverage
C. importing site survey information from Ekahau Site Survey
D. awareness of external antennas and their unique RF patterns
E. importing floor plans from AutoCAD drawings with file references
Answer: ABC

9. The WMS 2300 checks the status of the network and reports that status to each WMS client. The service collects data for several specific areas. What are two topics about which data is collected? (Choose two.)
A. security
B. network throughput
C. wireless equipment only
D. RF Spectrum and radios
Answer: AD

10. The WMS 2300 series uses a database to collect and store data. The dynamic system data has several main report sections. Which is a main report section?
A. Alert Reports
B. Authorization Reports
C. Authentication Reports
D. Client Monitoring Reports
Answer: D

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