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Nortel 920-238 Exam -

Free 920-238 Sample Questions:

1. A customer is surveying a site for a WLAN 2300 solution deployment. Many walls exist in this environment and are causing the same signal to be received multiple times, but slightly delayed. This causes multiple spots inside the site to receive zero signal. Which two terms describe what is occurring? (Choose two.)
A. Multi-path
B. Reflection
C. Diffraction
D. Scattering
Answer: AB

2. A customer wants to calculate the actual throughput for a WLAN site. The site is an 802.11b WLAN rated at 11Mbps. Because of the use of back-off timers and ACKs, the throughput is reduced. Which setting is closest to the actual throughput of this site?
A. 5.5 Mbps
B. 6.5 Mbps
C. 7.5 Mbps
D. 8.5 Mbps
Answer: A

3. A customer has deployed a WLAN using a 2300 solution. They notice that a wireless workstation close to an AP, is not receiving the desired signal strength. There is a wall between the AP and the wireless workstation. Which term describes what is occurring?
A. Diffraction
B. Absorbtion
C. Polarization
D. Assimilation
Answer: B

4. Wireless networks need to provide access to multiple devices using a shared medium. Since wireless networks use the air as the medium, data collisions cannot be detected. What is the method that WLAN uses to prevent collisions?
D. Backoff Timer
Answer: B

5. The WEP security model is good, but it can have vulnerabilities. What should be implemented with the WPA security model to help reduce these vulnerabilities?
A. Incorporate the Ipsec security protocols.
B. Use a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption protocol.
C. Use a temporal key integrity protocol (TKIP) encryption scheme.
D. Make sure the firewall is between the WLAN and Corporate network.
Answer: C

6. A customer has decided that the DHCP server will be on the inside of the firewall, and that the DHCP server will be optional. Which two conditions must exist? (Choose two.)
A. The DHCP Option 2 must be supported.
B. The wireless handsets must be statically configured.
C. The individual blocks of IP addresses must be supported.
D. The Telephony Manager 2245 must be statically configured.
Answer: BD

7. In the WSS 2380, APs use forwarding queues to prioritize WLAN traffic. What is responsible for assigning the queue in which traffic is placed?
A. the IP ToS field
B. the DSCP value
C. the mobility domain
D. the CoS value of the packet
Answer: A

8. The Service Set Identifiers (SSID) is a vital piece of information that can be used to hack a WLAN network. What can be done to keep this information from the casual hacker?
A. Incorporate the WLAN in a DMZ.
B. Implement a MAC filtering security scheme.
C. Turn off broadcasting of SSID from the Access Points.
D. Modify the default settings of a WLAN network by incorporating an open system.
Answer: C

9. What is the major benefit of configuring the WSS for PEAP as an authentication method?
A. PEAP greatly reduces jamming attacks against the WLAN.
B. The client is required to authenticate using the WLAN firewall.
C. It provides mutual authentication between the client and the authentication server.
D. The shared key scheme, meaning the client and AP, must both have the same key.
Answer: C

10. In the process of initially configuring a WLAN 2350 Security Switch, a customer discovers that the switch doesn't have a certificate for admin access. Which command must be entered at the prompt to enable a certificate to be created?
A. set enablepass
B. clear boot config
C. crypto generate key admin 1024
D. Set vlan 10 name management tag 10 port 1
Answer: C

11. A customer has just created a Web Portal in CLI on WSS 2380. Which command allows them to view the status of user using the portal?
A. mkdir gkweb
B. gkweb/wlanindex.htm
C. show sessions network <ssid>
D. crypto generate self-signed web
Answer: C

12. A customer is configuring a network for voice over WLAN, that contains a Meridian 1 call server, a 2245 IP Telephony, a TFTP server, and 2210/2211 handsets. Which statement about how voice traffic is prioritized over the WLAN is true?
A. Use AP forwarding queues.
B. Modify the ToS value of the packet.
C. Enable the WMM in the radio profile.
D. Create an ACL to change the CoS value of SVP.
Answer: D

13. A 128-bit Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is a shared keyed authentication system that means the client machine and AP share the same key. Which vulnerability is inherent with this type of security scheme?
A. The open architecture of the WEP security scheme leaves it vulnerable to hackers.
B. Any WEP enabled device transmitting OTA unencrypted, makes the WLAN venerable.
C. A static WEP key can be compromised if a hacker can gather enough transmitted packet information.
D. The WEP security model is open to impersonation type hacking, by replication of MAC addresses, usernames, and passwords.
Answer: C

14. A customer is performing the initial configuration on a WSS 2350. Given the following parameters:
Management: VLAN=10, IP=
Data: VLAN=220, IP=
Guest: VLAN=236, IP=
Which commands will establish the IP address and gateway? (Choose two.)
A. set enablepass
B. set ip route default
C. set interface management ip
D. cypto generate key web 1024
E. set vlan 10 management tag 10 port
Answer: BC

15. During initial configuration of the WSS, a certificate for admin access must be created. What is the purpose of this certificate?
A. It is used to encrypt traffic between the WMS and WSS.
B. It allows the WMS to push the initial configuration to WSS.
C. It provides Encryption for the login username and password.
D. It sets up encryption protocols for the Distributed Access Points (DAP).
Answer: A

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