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Nortel 920-233 Exam -

Free 920-233 Sample Questions:

1. A customer would like to use a Contivity 1750 for SSL VPN and offload encryption onto multiple hardware accelerator cards. Which statement is true?
A. The 1750 chassis does not support the SSL VPN module or the hardware accelerator card.
B. SSL VPN module and hardware accelerator cards can not be used in the same 1750 chassis.
C. The 1750 chassis does support the SSL VPN module but only a single hardware accelerator card.
D. The 1750 chassis does not support the SSL VPN module but multiple hardware accelerator cards could be installed.
Answer: C

2. A customer has just purchased a Contivity 1750. They want to know how much RAM it has "out-of-the-box" and if it can be upgraded. Which statement is true?
A. The Contivity 1750 chassis comes with 256MB installed and is not upgradeable.
B. The Contivity 1750 chassis comes with 128MB of RAM installed and is upgradeable to 512MB.
C. The Contivity 1750 chassis comes with 256MB of RAM installed and is upgradeable to 512MB.
D. The Contivity 1750 chassis comes with 128MB of RAM installed and is upgradeable to 256MB.
Answer: D

3. Which QoS parameter should you set to prevent too many low-priority users from connecting to a Contivity VPN Router?
A. DiffServ
B. Forwarding Priority
C. Call Admission Priority
D. Resource Reservation Protocol
Answer: C

4. Which statements are true regarding IPSec Mobility? (Choose three.)
A. VPN tunnel connections survive lost packets.
B. IPSec Mobility is activated with the Advance Routing license key.
C. For IPSec Mobility to work, any VPN Client version can be running.
D. NAT Traversal and IPSec Fail-over will not interoperate with IPSec Mobility.
E. IPSec Mobility is provisioned at the VPN Router, and the settings are pushed down from the server.
Answer: ABE

5. On a Contivity VPN Router Rls. 6.0 system, on which two interface types can the routing protocols RIP, OSPF and VRRP be enabled? (Choose two.)
A. Single HSSI
B. Single or Dual V.35
C. T1 with integrated CSU/DSU
D. 10/100 Ethernet port, System Board
E. 10/100 Ethernet port, Expansion Module
Answer: DE

6. Which three Contivity models support the "SSL VPN Module 1000" hardware option card? (Choose three.)
A. Contivity 600
B. Contivity 1100
C. Contivity 1750
D. Contivity 2700
E. Contivity 4600
F. Contivity 5000
Answer: CDF

7. Click the Exhibit button.

A remote user has reported that he cannot login to a Contivity.
Given the Contivity 2700 event log shown in the exhibit, what may have caused this problem to occur?
A. IPSec is not enabled on the Contivity.
B. There is no active session between the user and the server.
C. There is an encryption type mis-match between the user and server.
D. The user name does not exist in any of the enabled authentication methods on the Contivity.
Answer: D

8. As a support specialist, you need a summary of the current state of a Contivity system. What status screen must you access to retrieve this information?
A. Status ---> Report
B. Status ---> System
C. Status ---> Statistics
D. Status ---> Health Check
Answer: D

9. A customer is installing a VPN module 1000 into a Contivity 1750 chassis. Which slot is appropriate to install the module?
A. slot 1
B. slot 2
C. slot 3
D. slot 4
Answer: A

10. A customer is attempting to access the Contivity using a PPTP client and is unable to connect. Inside the Event Log on the Contivity the following error is displayed, "IP address assignment failed." What would resolve this issue?
A. Configure an IP address pool for the user.
B. Configure a DNS server for the group to which the user is connecting.
C. Configure the group with the user you are connecting to with an IP address pool.
D. Configure DHCP relay for the interface on the Contivity to which the user is connecting.
Answer: C

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