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Nortel 920-231 Exam -

Free 920-231 Sample Questions:

1. A customer has users establishing a tunnel to a Contivity 1050. The remote users are using the Contivity VPN client and will authenticate using Entrust ©. What must the support engineer configure as part of the solution to establish the tunnel?
A. Radius Authentication
B. Digital Certificate Authentication
C. User Name and Password Authentication
D. Group Security Association/Group Password Authentication
Answer: B

2. A support engineer needs to verify a configuration parameter on a Contivity system. Users can not authenticate using the Contivity system via RADIUS. The Contivity is configured to point to a RADIUS server. Which configuration parameters should the support engineer verify on the Contivity system? (Choose two.)
A. Verify that the Group ID is correct
B. Verify that the Group timeout is set to 1
C. Verify that the Group Password is correct
D. Verify that the Group ID password is correct
E. Verify that the Group timeout setting is correct
Answer: AC

3. A support engineer has been tasked to turn ON a level of encryption on a Contivity 4600. The support engineer has a CLI attachment to the Contivity device. What CLI command should be used to achieve this objective?
A. md5
B. enable md5
C. ipsec encryption des56-md5
D. enable ipsec encryption des56-md5
Answer: C

4. A customer wants to review the system log information on a Contivity. However, they are unable to find the system log information. Why might this be the case?
A. The customer is logged into a Contivity 600
B. The customer is logged into a Contivity 1100
C. The customer is logged into a Contivity 2700
D. The customer is logged into a Contivity 4600
Answer: B

5. If firewall support is not enabled, which non-default routes are available?
A. only the public routes
B. only the private routes
C. neither public nor private routes
D. both the private and public routes
Answer: B

6. Which routing protocol is used to ensure high availability for private interfaces on the Contivity switch?
C. BGP-4
Answer: B

7. A customer has a new unconfigured Contivity installed at their location. They want to configure the public Contivity default gateways and public system interfaces. How would the support engineer accomplish this task in one step?
A. run extnetip.exe
B. HTTP to the Contivity
C. Telnet to the Contivity
D. connect to the Contivity serial menu
Answer: D

8. A support engineer wants to enable telnet and FTP access administrator rights on a new unpacked Contivity. What is the minimum requirement to achieve this objective?
A. Configure the Contivity with a Public default route
B. Configure the Contivity with a Private Default route
C. Configure the Contivity with a Management IP Address
D. Configure the Contivity with a Public IP Interface address
Answer: C

9. A customer has a newly installed Contivity at their site. The support engineer is tasked to configure the Contivity. The configuration changes should overwrite the factory default configuration settings. What CLI command should the support engineer use to verify that the factory default configuration settings are overwritten?
A. show config
B. show current-config
C. show running-config
D. show config interface
Answer: C

10. A customer has a Contivity 4600 installed in their network. The customer wants to perform a backup of the Contivity system LDAP database. Which statement is accurate in regards to the configuration?
A. Stop the LDAP server before performing the backup procedure
B. Start the LDAP server before performing the backup procedure
C. Enable the LDAP server before performing the backup procedure
D. Disable the LDAP server before performing the backup procedure
Answer: A

11. A customer has a Contivity 2700 with LDAP authentication capabilities. Local users will need to authenticate against an existing LDAP database. The LDAP proxy server feature will be used to meet this objective. What is the maximum number of master and slave LDAP servers that can be configured for this requirement?
A. Configure one master and two slaves LDAP servers
B. Configure one master and four slaves LDAP servers
C. Configure one master and three slave LDAP servers
D. Configure two masters and two slaves LDAP servers
Answer: A

12. A customer wants to configure LDAP proxy server authentication. What configuration parameters must the support engineer configure? (Choose two.)
A. Enable access to the LDAP server
B. Enable access to the LDAP proxy Server
C. For the LDAP Proxy Server option enter a FQDN
D. For the LDAP proxy server enter the qualified ID suffix
E. For the LDAP Proxy Server option enter a Distinguished Name (DN)
Answer: BE

13. Which two QoS related functions should the support engineer enable in order to guarantee a configured minimum bandwidth to each user that connects to a Contivity? (Choose two.)
A. Admission Control
B. Forwarding Priority
C. Call Admission Priority
D. Bandwidth Management
E. Resource Reservation Priority
Answer: AD

14. A support engineer has configured DHCP for a customer. What is the next step in the process for the configuration changes to take place?
A. Restart the DHCP server
B. Enable the LDAP address pool
C. Disable the LDAP address pool
D. No other action is required (configuration changes take place automatically)
Answer: A

15. A customer has configured two Branch Office tunnels for NAT and has assigned each office a NAT rule. What statement is TRUE regarding this configuration?
A. Accessible networks will not have to be configured
B. Accessible networks will use translated addresses
C. Accessible networks will use non-translated addresses
D. Accessible networks will use the default IP address Pool
Answer: B

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