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Nortel 920-216 Exam -

Free 920-216 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which verb is used to change an attribute value?

A. set
B. add
C. kad
D. reset

Answer: A

Q: 2
Which command allows the output of alarms to the terminal to be disabled, while being logged into a MultiService Switch 7000/15000/20000 node using telnet?

A. set col/alarm sp spooling off
B. set col/alarm sp spooling = off
C. set NMIS Telnet session/ datastreams ala
D. set NMIS Telnet session/ datastreams ~ala

Answer: D

Q: 3
Which condition is true when performing a card test?

A. The card being tested needs to be locked.
B. The ports on the card being tested need to be locked.
C. The target card's test component needs to be started first.
D. A card can be both running a test and act as a target for another card being tested.

Answer: D

Q: 4
Which command is used to find the application versions that are compatible with base_CD01A?

A. I sw av/base_CD01A
B. d sw av/base_CD01A
C. d sw compatible Listing
D. d swav/base_CD01A feat/*

Answer: B

Q: 5
Which selection is the instance range for a Logical Processor on a MultiService Switch 7480?

A. 0 to 4
B. 0 to 15
C. 1 to 15
D. 0 to 16

Answer: B

Q: 6
Which two actions does the MultiService Switch 7000/15000/20000 startup utility enable you to do? (Choose two.)

A. Configure a spare Control Processor.
B. Power-up the MultiService Switch node.
C. Reset node to Function Processor only software.
D. Define the method used for Preside MDM connectivity.

Answer: A, D

Q: 7
Which attribute, under a DS3 port component, associates it with the Atmif service?

A. line interface
B. framer Name
C. interface Name
D. application Framer Name

Answer: D

Q: 8
A 4-port DS1 card is in slot 6 of a MultiService Switch 7000. A trunking service runs on Port3 of the DS1 card.
What is the recommended instance value for this trunk?

A. Trk/36
B. Trk/43
C. Trk/63
D. Trk/DS16

Answer: C

Q: 9
Which two components can be provisioned directly under an LP component? (Choose two.)

A. e0
B. oc3
C. ds3
D. sonet

Answer: C, D

Q: 10
Which type of view saves the provisioning of a single component and all of its subcomponents and associated provision able attributes on a MultiService Switch 7000/15000/20000?

A. delta
B. partial
C. portable
D. committed

Answer: B

Q: 11
Which type of view has a base view on a MultiService Switch 7000/15000/20000?

A. delta
B. partial
C. portable
D. committed

Answer: A

Q: 12
A partial listing of the attributes of the provisioning component appears as follows:
committedFilename: startup.full.001
currentViewFileName: startup.full.003
lastUsedFileName: startup full.005
editViewName: startup.full.005
Which view will be used if the switch resets or restarts?

A. startup.full
B. startup.full.001
C. startup.full.003
D. startup.full.005

Answer: B

Q: 13
Which two provisioning conditions must apply to configure one-for-one sparing between two function processors on a MultiService Switch 7480? (Choose two.)

A. Both cards are provisioned as the same card type.
B. Both cards are referenced under one logical processor.
C. Both cards have individual logical processors that reference each other.
D. An equal number of port components are provisioned under the Shelf Card components.

Answer: A, B

Q: 14
The provisioning view startup.full.005 has been loaded into the edit view. Several components were added and attributes changed. The view was then checked, activated and confirmed.
What is the value of the "editviewName" attribute?

A. none
B. defined .005
C. startup.full.005
D. startup.tulI.006

Answer: A

Q: 15
Which provisioning view is active and running on the MultiService Switch?

A. edit view
B. current view
C. last used view
D. committed view

Answer: B

Q: 16
Which provisioning view is loaded when a MultiService Switch node resets?

A. edit view
B. current view
C. last Used view
D. committed view

Answer: D

Q: 17
Which command is used to display the values of the "committedFilename", "currentviewFileName", and "editviewName" attributes?

A. lock prov
B. help prov
C. list prov
D. display prov

Answer: D

Q: 18
Which verb can only be used in the provisioning mode?

A. list
B. lock
C. help
D. delete

Answer: D

Q: 19
Which command is used to show all provisioning views stored on the Control Processor disk?

A. display view/*
B. list prov view/*
C. list view/* prov
D. display view/* prov

Answer: B

Q: 20
What is the maximum time allocated to confirm provisioning after activation?

A. 5 minutes
B. 10 minutes
C. 20 minutes
D. 30 minutes

Answer: C

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