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Nortel 920-215 Exam -

Free 920-215 Sample Questions:

1. Which command would you use to turn on alarm spooling?
A. set alarm spool on
B. start alarm spooling
C. set col/alarm sp spooling on
D. activate col/alarm sp spooling
Answer: C

2. What action will cause the OSI adminState attribute to have a value of “shutting down” for a component?
A. The administrator has issued a set command on the adminState attribute to change its value to shutting down
B. The administrator has issued the lock command on the component
C. The administrator had issued a shutdown command on the component
D. The administrator has issued a shutdown command on the adminState attribute
Answer: B

3. An operator with a SCOPE of “device”, a CID of two (2) and an IMPACT of “service” can perform which function?
A. Debug the operating system
B. Display components with a CID of 2
C. Modify user accounts with a CID of 2
D. Run Startup
Answer: B

4. Which feature needs to be added to a Logical Processor Type's (LPT) feature list to add an Atmif component to a Passport 7000 / 15000?
A. atm
B. atmVcc
C. atmCore
D. atmNetworking
Answer: C

5. Which actions does the Passport 7000 / 15000 startup utility enable you to do? (Choose two)
A. power-up the Passport node
B. configure a spare Control Processor
C. reset node to Function Processor only software
D. define the method used for Preside MDM connectivity
Answer: BD

6. What is the minimum required software application versions to be used when commissioning and adding a Passport 7000 / 15000 node to a network using ipifr for Preside MDM connectivity?
A. base, frameRelay, and vtds
B. networking, atmCore, and ip
C. trunks, networking, and vtds
D. networking, base, and trunks
Answer: D

7. Which attribute under a DS3 port component associates it with the Atmif service?
A. lineInterface
B. applicationFramerName
C. framerName
D. interfaceName
Answer: B

8. Which components can be provisioned directly under an LP component? (Choose two)
A. e0
B. oc3
C. ds3
D. sonet
Answer: CD

9. Which type of view saves the provisioning of a single component and all of it's subcomponents and associated provisionable attributes on a Passport 7000 / 15000?
A. delta
B. partial
C. portable
D. committed
Answer: B

10. Which command is used to show all provisioning views stored on the Control Processor disk?
A. list prov view/*
B. display view/*
C. list view/* prov
D. display view/* prov
Answer: A

11. Which command is used to display the values of the following attributes: "commitedfilename", "currentviewfilename", and "editviewname"?
A. lock prov
B. help prov
C. list prov
D. display prov
Answer: D

12. Which verb can only be used in provisioning mode?
A. list
B. lock
C. delete
D. help
Answer: C

13. Which is the maximum time allocated to confirm provisioning after activation?
A. Indefinite
B. 5 minutes
C. 10 minutes
D. 20 minutes
Answer: D

14. Which command results in the edit view being identical to the current view?
A. load prov
B. copy prov
C. save prov
D. clear prov
Answer: B

15. After starting a provisioning session and making the required changes to the edit view, which is the correct sequence of commands to activate and commit these changes?
A. check prov, save prov, act prov, confirm prov, commit prov
B. act prov, check prov, save prov, confirm prov, commit prov
C. check prov, act prov, save prov, confirm prov, commit prov
D. check prov, confirm prov, act prov, save prov, commit prov
Answer: A

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