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Nortel 920-199 Exam -

Free 920-199 Sample Questions:

NO 1.
A customer wants to upgrade a BCM50 system from Rls. 1.0 to Rls. 2.0, and wants to preserve the data in the Network Elements tree. A backup of the BCM50 Rls. 1.0 system has already been made.
Which two other tasks must be performed, before the upgrade can be performed? (Choose two.)

A. Perform a level 2 reset.
B. Install Element Manager for BCM50 Rls. 2.0.
C. Uninstall the Element Manager for BCM50 Rls. 1.0.
D. Obtain a valid keycode for the upgrade.

Answer: B, D

NO 2.
A customer is updating the software on a BCM.
How do they know which software updates to apply?

A. The status of the update when viewed from the Software Updates window indicates "Ready".
B. The status of the update when viewed from the Software Inventory window indicates "Ready".
C. The status of the update when viewed from the Software Updates window indicates "Available".
D. The status of the update when viewed from the Software Inventory window indicates "Available".

Answer: C

NO 3.
A customer is monitoring the Contact Center status.
Which BCM Monitor tab will allow them to perform this activity?

B. IP Devices
C. Voice Ports
D. RTP Session

Answer: C

NO 4.
Which BCM200/400 specialized module lets the BCM share its connection to a Universal T1 network with a WAN to provide a combination of voice and data channels?

A. Fiber Expansion Module (FEM)
B. Digital Drop and Insert MUX (DDIM)
C. R2 Multi-Frequency Compelled module (R2MFC)
D. Digital enhanced cordless telecommunications module (DECT)

Answer: B

NO 5.
A BCM Rls. 4.0 customer has recently started experiencing problems with the quality of IP Set VoIP calls. Nothing has changed recently within the company network.
What can the customer use to troubleshoot this issue?

A. Enable RTP.
B. Enable DiffServ for all VoIP calls.
C. Enable alarm monitoring for all VoIP calls.
D. Enable PVQM and start monitoring the quality of the calls.

Answer: D

NO 6.
A customer wants to create a restriction filter. They have selected filter 00, but are unable to restrict the digits 411. What is preventing them from adding this restriction?

A. Filter 00 is a default filter and cannot be changed.
B. This restriction has been assigned to another filter.
C. The maximum of 50 programmable filters has been exceeded.
D. The maximum of 200 restrictions per filter has been exceeded.

Answer: A

NO 7.
Which statement about changing schedule times is true?

A. Start and stop times can span days.
B. Overlapping times cannot be assigned.
C. If 00:00 is assigned as the start and stop time for a schedule, that schedule is in effect all day.
D. It is only necessary to configure start and stop times for schedules that are activated automatically.

Answer: D

NO 8.
A customer has a BCM configured with DISA. When a user dials in, a stutter dial tone is received.
Which action must be taken to place an external call?

A. Dial the external number.
B. Use the appropriate route code and dial the external number.
C. Enter the line pool access code and dial the external number.
D. Enter the CoS password, then the external access code, and dial the external number.

Answer: D

NO 9.
A customer has a telephone set with four analog trunks that appear and ring on the set.
Which programming must be completed to control the types of outbound calls that can be made on these lines?

A. Ringing Service
B. Routing Service
C. COS Passwords
D. Restriction Filters

Answer: D

NO 10.
A customer is configuring the BCM and notices it is slow to respond.
How can the system be monitored in real time?

A. with the error log
B. with the BCM Monitor
C. with the Element Manager
D. with the SNMP Trap Server

Answer: B

NO 11.
The System-wide Call Appearance (SWCA) feature allows you to park incoming and outgoing calls on your BCM system. When a second call is answered, the original call is automatically parked on a free SWCA key.
Under Capabilities, what must be configured for this to occur?

A. Enable Page
B. Allow redirect
C. Enable Auto hold
D. Assign a Pickup group

Answer: C

NO 12.
A customer wants to only see critical alarms on Element Manager, but wants to see all alarms sent to the SNMP trap monitor. What needs to be done?

A. Set SNMP trap service to automatic.
B. Enter the keycode to enable SNMP functionality.
C. Use BCM Monitor to change the Alarm Banner options.
D. Use alarm settings to change display options and SNMP options.

Answer: D

NO 13.
A retail store has just purchased two BCMs so the company can use VoIP to communicate between two offices. The main reason the Nortel solution was chosen was for the PSTN fallback capabilities inherent in the box.
Which service must be configured for PSTN fallback to function?

A. Alarm Service
B. Ringing Service
C. Routing Service
D. Net link manager

Answer: C

NO 14.
A customer had a hard drive fail in a BCM400. The replacement drive has been received and installed. Now they want to monitor the progress of the mirroring rebuild status.
How can the customer do this?

A. Watch the System tab in BCM Monitor.
B. Watch for the BCM system status LED to be solid green.
C. Watch System Status/Disk Mirroring in Element Manager.
D. Watch the update field in the Global Tab of the QoS Metrics panel display.

Answer: C

NO 15.
A point-to-point PRI on the BCM to a Communication Server 1000 has been installed. The Communication Server 1000 has a 6 digit DN length. Route 010, that has a Private "DN type", is being used. When making a call to the Communication Server 1000, only four digits are able to be dialed, and then a fast busy signal is received.
Which process needs to be completed to correct this problem?

A. The public DN length needs to be programmed for 6 digits.
B. The private DN length needs to be programmed for 6 digits.
C. The private network type needs to be programmed as UDP.
D. The private network type needs to be programmed as CDP.

Answer: B

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