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Nortel 920-197 Exam -

Free 920-197 Sample Questions:

1. A customer added new floor space to the warehouse, and had some electricians run cable to the new area. When a T7316 set is connected, the line indicators flash continually. The set is about 1950 feet (600 meters) from the BCM. Which step can be taken to correct the problem?
A. Use a SAPS with the T7316E.
B. Replace the phone with a T7100.
C. Turn the loop length option in Element Manager to "long".
D. Advise the customer that the maximum distance is 1500 feet.
Answer: A

2. A customer is installing a GASM8 in a BCM400 in the North American region. They want to set the module to enhanced mode. How must the Mode/Country DIP switches on the right side, at the rear of the module, be set?
A. Set all DIP switches to On.
B. Set all DIP switches to Off.
C. Set the first DIP switch to On and the rest (2-8) to Off.
D. Set the first DIP switch to Off and the rest (2-8) to On.
Answer: C

3. A technician is supporting BCM50 Rls. 2.0 and BCM Rls. 4.0. Business Element Manager has just been installed from the BCM50 Rls. 2.0 Administrator Applications download web page. Which steps are needed to connect to both systems?
A. Both versions of BCM Element Manager must be installed.
B. Add New Network Element, connect to the BCM50, and accept cartridge download.
C. Go to the BCM50 Administrator Applications download web page and select the BCM50 MIBs.
D. Go to Nortel's Customer Support/Software Downloads web page and select the Element Manager software update.
Answer: B

4. On a company's default system, six buses of DS30 channel blocks are assigned to Media Bay Modules (MBMs) (2/6 channel split). The DS30 allocation needs to be changed to a 3/5 split to accommodate increased IP telephony requirements. Which statement about how this change can be accomplished is true?
A. The BCM 200/400 assigns bus 6 to the voice data sector.
B. The BCM 200/400 assigns bus 7 to the voice data sector.
C. The BCM 200/400 assigns bus 6 to the voice data sector through the MBM dip switches.
D. The BCM 200/400 assigns bus 7 to the voice data sector, although all telephony programming will be defaulted.
Answer: B

5. Which Media Bay Module (MBM) can be combined with the G4x16 on the same DS30 bus on a BCM200/400?
Answer: C

6. A customer with a BCM400 has a requirement of one T1, six PSTN analog lines and 12 digital telephones. What are the minimum Media Bay Module (MBM) requirements?
A. one DTM and one G8X16
B. one BRIM and one GASM8
C. one GATM8 and one G4X16
D. one GATM4 and one DSM16+
Answer: A

7. A technician is converting a customer's Norstar system to a BCM200/400. The customer has existing analog E&M trunks. How can these trunks be made to work on the new system?
A. Install a DTM.
B. Add keycodes.
C. Program them on a FEM.
D. Configure them on a BRI module.
Answer: C

8. A customer is preparing to install a G4X16 module in a BCM400. They want the module to automatically download firmware upgrades. The country dipswitches (the right set of switches) must be confirmed they are in the correct position.Which statement about country DIP switches is true?
A. Ensure that all of the country DIP switches are set to Off.
B. Ensure that all of the country DIP switches are set to On.
C. Ensure that the first country DIP switch is set to Off and the rest are set to On.
D. Ensure that the first two country DIP switches are set to On and the rest are set to Off.
Answer: A

9. What is the maximum number of Key Enhanced Expansion Modules (KEMs) per IP phone supported by BCM50 and the total sets per system?
A. 1 KEM per IP phone and 10 sets per system
B. 2 KEMs per IP phone and 12 sets per system
C. 3 KEMs per IP phone and 16 sets per system
D. 5 KEMs per IP phone and 12 sets per system
Answer: D

10. The functionality of the WLAN 2210 handset is similar to which IP phone?
A. 2002
B. 2004
C. 2007
D. 2050
Answer: B

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