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Nortel 920-196 Exam -

Free 920-196 Sample Questions:

NO 1.
A customer is upgrading their existing BCM50 system to 2.0. They are using IP Telephones. You have designed this new setup to use Proactive Voice Quality Management (PVQM). Which of the customer's telephones can use all of the features of the PVQM?

A. Phase 1 sets only
B. Phase 2 sets only
C. PC-based soft client
D. Sets manufactured after 12/15/2003

Answer: B

NO 2.
A customer has purchased 10 BCM 400s running 4.0 and is going to rapidly deploy these systems using the Startup Profile. What is needed to accomplish this?

A. Microsoft Excel
B. Microsoft Word
C. Microsoft Access
D. Element Manager

Answer: A

NO 3.
A client has a BCM 4.0 system. They are using the SIP enhancement for interworking with the MCS 5100 telephony platform at another location. Which group of features is now supported?

B. SIP signaling
C. SIP applications
D. H.323 standards

Answer: A

NO 4.
A client has a BCM 4.0 system. They are using Proactive Voice Quality Monitoring (PVQM) to set call quality thresholds for IP sets and to be alerted if these thresholds are violated. What are the two levels of violation? (Choose two.)

A. Warning
B. Packet loss
C. Unacceptable
D. Network issue

Answer: A, C

NO 5.
Which three IP sets are ONLY supported by BCM 4.0? (Choose three.)

A. 2007
B. 2033
C. 2212
D. 1120e
E. 2050 Mobile Voice Client

Answer: B, C, D

NO 6.
The BCM50 Rls. 2.0 with BCM200 Rls. 4.0 will support VoIP on WLAN. The IP Telephony Manager 2245 is required for the VoWLAN application. Which requirement set is satisfied with the IP Telephony Manager 2245?

A. It acts as a proxy for the handsets only.
B. It provides an access point for handsets only.
C. It uses the 11 Mb/s maximum speed of the handsets and acts as a proxy.
D. It uses the 11 Mb/s absolute speed of the handsets and provides access point.

Answer: C

NO 7.
The customer has recently moved into a new office building and has installed Digital Mobility with BCM 4.0. They are aware that the U.S. version uses a specific frequency and has a specific area of coverage. They are concerned their current need might exceed the maximum coverage area. What is the frequency and coverage area of a Digital Mobility base station with BCM 4.0?

A. 1.6GHz frequency and coverage radius of 2000 feet
B. 2.1GHz frequency and coverage radius of 2000 feet
C. 2.4GHz frequency and coverage radius of 2000 feet
D. 5.8GHz frequency and coverage radius of 1200 feet

Answer: C

NO 8.
Your client just installed a BCM 400 system. They have 20 of the 1120e telephone sets and 10 of the IP Phone 2007 sets. Which software release is required to support these devices?

A. BCM 2.0
B. BCM 3.5
C. BCM 3.7
D. BCM 4.0

Answer: D

NO 9.
Which two protocols support call establishment and messaging between devices when connecting a Meridian 1 ITG to a BCM 400 system? (Choose two.)

C. H.323

Answer: A, C

NO 10.
A network manager wants to streamline the multi-office telephony administration of their network. They have implemented a BCM solution with a CS 1000 with the MCDN protocol. Which two features can be implemented to accomplish this objective? (Choose two.)

A. the faxing system
B. the centralized voice mail
C. the call attendant system
D. the coordinated dialing plan

Answer: B, D

NO 11.
A client has a BCM50 Rls. 2.0 system. They are using Proactive Voice Quality Monitoring (PVQM) to monitor threshold violations for packet loss, inter-arrival jitter, and round trip delay. What are these PVQM violations used to determine?

A. Voice quality metrics
B. Network performance
C. VoIP system reliability
D. System alarm thresholds

Answer: A

NO 12.
A BCM50 customer wants to establish a network connection to a CS 1000 and they are concerned about call quality management. Call quality management can be accomplished using automatic or manual methods to implement fallback. Which two requirements are needed for the automatic method? (Choose two.)

A. scheduling
B. quality of service
C. digital telephones
D. destination codes

Answer: A, D

NO 13.
A client has a BCM 4.0 system. They are using Proactive Voice Quality Monitoring (PVQM) to set call quality thresholds for IP sets. Which IP sets are fully supported?

A. All IP sets
B. Phase 1 IP sets
C. Phase 2 IP sets
D. Only Nortel IP sets

Answer: C

NO 14.
How many IP KEM modules can be supported on an IP Phone 2004 with BCM50 Rls. 2.0?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 5
D. 7

Answer: C

NO 15.
A remote user has the ability to connect to an ISP and then to a specific route into a BCM that is configured for IPSec Remote User. The remote user can also print locally even while connected remotely to the BCM. Which functionality does this describe?

A. split routing
B. dual routing
C. split tunneling
D. dual tunneling

Answer: C

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