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Nortel 920-193 Exam -

Free 920-193 Sample Questions:

1. You are installing a Nortel BCM50 at a larger business site. The basic configuration is required to complete the installation. A basic configuration can be completed using different methods. Which three methods can you use to change the IP address? (Choose three.)
A. Startup Profile
B. Element Manager
C. Telset Administration
D. Maintenance Console
E. Norstar Remote Utilities
Answer: ABC

2. A Nortel BCM50a customer has Internet connectivity with only one IP address from the service provider. The customer wants a secured LAN with private IP addresses. The integrated ADSL router in the Nortel BCM50a needs to be configured for the correct mode. What is the correct mode for the Nortel BCM50?
A. None
C. SUA only
D. Full Feature
Answer: C

3. You are installing a Nortel BCM50 at a business site. Basic configuration will be required to complete the installation, which will include key codes installation. The system will need to have the configuration saved to an immediate backup destination following the basic configuration being completed. What are three destinations that can be used? (Choose three.)
B. My Computer
C. Nortel BCM50
D. BCM imaging tool
E. USB storage device
Answer: BCE

4. You are working on a Nortel BCM50 that has been moved to a new site. You want an inventory of all key components, devices, and all additional information in a readable format. This information is required to maintain accurate maintenance and billing records for all sites. Which part of Element Manager will you be using?
A. BCM Monitor
B. Application backup
C. Configuration backup
D. Saving programming records
Answer: D

5. A Nortel BCM50 has been relocated to a new site. Element Manager will be used to manipulate a Nortel BCM50 lines, stations, trunks, and restrictions configuration. This repetitive information is stored in tables located in Element Manager. Which new feature has been added to Element Manager to optimize the repetitive programming?
A. startup profile
B. drag and drop
C. tabular cut and paste
D. import programming record
Answer: C

6. You are installing a Nortel BCM50 main unit. The customer wants to use the Nortel BCM50 to provide DHCP. You must define the DHCP settings on the BCM. Which software and port do you use?
A. Telnet using any LAN port
B. router software using the WAN port
C. Element Manager using the OAM port
D. communications software via the ATA2 port
Answer: C

7. You are installing and configuring a Nortel BCM50 at a business site. The system needs key code entries. The key code retrieval system for the Nortel BCM50 product family (KRS2) needs two distinct numbers.
What are the two required numbers? (Choose two.)
A. system ID
B. authorization code
C. system model number
D. purchase order number
Answer: AB

8. A Nortel BCM50e has been relocated to a new site. The new site will be utilizing the Integrated Router for Internet connection. Element Manager is the preferred method to manage configuration. The Integrated Router button is under a folder in the Configuration Task Navigation panel. In which folder is t he button located ?
B. Resources
C. Applications
D. Data Services
Answer: D

9. The primary management application for the Nortel BCM50 is Element Manager, which comes with various types of documentation. Which two types of help are available? (Choose two.)
A. BCM Monitor
B. hover text help
C. content sensitive help
D. task navigation help panel
Answer: BC

10. A Nortel BCM50 is being installed at a location that needs an increased level of reliability. The system needs protection against AC power interruptions. The system needs to shutdown in an orderly manner in the event of a power failure. Which option will accomplish this?
A. a battery backup
B. a surge protector
C. a smart APC UPS
D. a portable generator
Answer: C

11. A Nortel BCM50 that has been moved to a new site. The customer has added CallPilot and wants to be able to launch it from Element Manager. This requires a specific setup for users. What must be done to facilitate this?
A. log on to the PC
B. secure the new site
C. load CallPilot manager
D. use sufficient security privileges
Answer: D

12. A Nortel BCM50 installation requires music and paging. The Nortel BCM50 has a music jack. Rather than using the music jack, what is another way that music and paging can be connected?
A. RJ21 cable
B. set screws
C. the front panel
D. RJ11 jack on chassis
Answer: A

13. There are several utilities available for the Nortel BCM50 in Element Manager. One of these utilities can provide Universal ISDN protocol messages. Which utility can do this?
A. Reset
B. BCM Monitor
C. Ethernet Activity
D. Diagnostic Settings
Answer: B

14. The security capabilities of the Nortel BCM50 are advanced. Nortel recommends changing certain default values after the system is up and running and the operation is verified. After implementation, what does Nortel recommend changing?
A. account privileges
B. Nortel support default user
C. security settings for system
D. all default system passwords
Answer: D

15. The security capabilities of the Nortel BCM50 are advanced. Element Manager is a new management tool for BCM50. Which security feature is in place to facilitate secure communication from Element Manager to the BCM50?
A. security audit
B. user accounts
C. security certificate
D. password complexity
Answer: C

16. A Nortel BCM50e has been relocated to a new site. Element Manager can retrieve, view, and manage key codes. The key code information is under a folder in the Configuration Task Navigation panel. Which folder in the Navigation Tree has the information?
A. System
B. Resources
C. Applications
D. Administration Access
Answer: A

17. You are installing a Nortel BCM50 system that needs to be completed quickly. You can develop a template for the system on a PC. Startup Profile will build a template of initial parameters which can be loaded in the system using a memory storage device. How would you install the startup profile template on the BCM50?
A. OAM port
B. LAN port
C. USB port
D. WAN port
Answer: C

18. You will be installing a Nortel BCM50 at a small business site with 7 digital stations. This clients Internet access is DSL. The customer wants to connect two PCs to the Nortel BCM50 to share the Internet connection. Which two hardware configurations will support this installation? (Choose two.)
A. Nortel BCM50 main unit
B. Nortel BCM50a main unit
C. Nortel BCM50e main unit
D. Nortel BCM expansion unit
Answer: BC

19. The security capabilities of the Nortel BCM50 are advanced. The customer is concerned about the access security of the Element Manager tool. How can you prevent or block the user of Element Manager from using simple passwords?
A. set password level one
B. disable post login message
C. set password complexity three
D. user account lockout set to three
Answer: C

20. You have just installed a Nortel BCM50 with a WAN and LAN interface ports. The Nortel BCM50a and Nortel BCM50e both have integrated routers. The routers need to be configured. Which GUI is intended for this configuration?
A. Element Manager GUI
B. Telset Management GUI
C. Maintenance PC WebGUI
D. Integrated Router WebGUI
Answer: D

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