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Nortel 920-182 Exam -

Free 920-182 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 A CallPilot customer site will be using Multimedia Messaging. The switch will need a specific kind of configuration for this messaging service. What is the required configuration?
A. Regular DN
B. Phantom DN
C. Control DN (CDN)
D. ACD-DN dummy queue
Answer: C

Q: 2 With CallPilot Rls. 5.0, when upgrading to a new release of CallPilot, the number of reserved seats may now be reduced. You are performing an upgrade on a CallPilot Rls. 4.0 system with a keycode that authorizes 500 Fax messaging seats. Only 200 Fax messaging seats are currently in use. Which is the minimum number of Fax messaging seats that can be authorized with a new Rls. 5.0 keycode?
A. 100
B. 200
C. 250
D. 500
Answer: B

Q: 3 You are preparing to install CallPilot Rls. 5.0 for a customer. The customer wants to access the CallPilot system from the LAN and must provide some information for the installation. What information must the customer provide?
A. DHCP server
B. a Cat-5 cable
C. an Ethernet switch
D. a static IP address and subnet mask
Answer: D

Q: 4 When installing CallPilot Reporter, what is a valid installation option?
A. Client PC
B. CallPilot server
C. Administrator PC
D. Customer provided Web server
Answer: D

Q: 5 An administrator cannot login to CallPilot Manager from the login web page.
You have confirmed that the administrator is entering their correct mailbox number and password and that their mailbox is not disabled. What should you check?
A. that the user's PC is running Internet Information Server (IIS)
B. that the Server field contains the correct server name for the CallPilot system
C. that the Location field contains the correct server name for the CallPilot system
D. that the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) option is turned on because passwords can only be passed over SSL
Answer: B

Q: 6 CallPilot desktop messaging has several CallPilot Rls. 5.0 feature enhancements. Which are two of these enhancements? (Choose two.)
A. ping on Startup
B. Global CallPilot Address Book
C. creating personal distribution lists
D. Deliver to Location in Microsoft Outlook
Answer: B, D

Q: 7 The CallPilot Rls. 5.0 has introduced the High Availability feature. The High Availability feature is available on which CallPilot server platform?
A. 703t
B. 600r
C. 1005r
D. 1002rp
Answer: C

Q: 8 When installing CallPilot Reporter Rls. 5.0 on the standalone Web server, additional required software is also installed. Which version of Crystal Reports is installed?
A. Crystal Reports 8
B. Crystal Reports X
C. Crystal Reports 8.5
D. Crystal Reports XI
Answer: D

Q: 9 Which software is required before installing CallPilot Manager on a stand-alone Web server?
A. PC Anywhere
B. Sybase Database
C. Java Runtime Environment
D. Internet Information Server (IIS)
Answer: D

Q: 10 Your customer is upgrading to CallPilot Rls. 5.0. The current keycode authorizes 500 Speech Activated Messaging seats but the customer is currently only using 100 seats.
With the upgrade and a new CallPilot Rls. 5.0 keycode, what two options does the customer have for the unused Speech Activated Messaging seats? (Choose two.)
A. No options are available; the number of seats cannot be reduced.
B. Take no action and retain the unused Speech Activated Messaging seats.
C. Reduce the number of Speech Activated Messaging seats authorized in the new keycode to 100 or more.
D. Reduce the number of Speech Activated Messaging seats authorized in the new keycode to any number as long as the feature is supported on at least 1 seat.
Answer: B, C

Q: 11 A client has recently hired a large group of new employees. Before the training was completed, the mailbox of one of the new employees was inadvertently deleted. What must you do to recover the data?
A. Restore the data from the archive.
B. Restore the data from the recycle bin.
C. Restore the data from the mail server.
D. Restore the data from the system backup.
Answer: A

Q: 12 The CallPilot server comes pre-loaded with Windows Server 2003 and CallPilot Manager. You have installed a new CallPilot Rls. 5.0 system and have logged on to the server for the first time to begin server configuration. Which wizard rechecks for platform and software validity and then, if performing an upgrade or platform migration, upgrades and restores your existing data?
A. Setup Wizard
B. Upgrade Wizard
C. Configuration Wizard
D. Windows Server 2003 Wizard
Answer: A

Q: 13 A CallPilot system administrator is preparing to install Application Builder.
Where is the Application Builder installation software located?
A. on the CallPilot Server
B. on the CallPilot image DVD
C. on the CallPilot Applications CD
D. in the Enterprise Solutions PEP Library (ESPL)
Answer: C

Q: 14 You are installing a CallPilot system on a customer site. After running the Setup Wizard and the Configuration Wizard you have verified the server operating system settings are correct for your site and have rebooted the server to place the system into operation. After the reboot is complete and you have logged back on to the server, how do you verify that the CallPilot server is able to receive incoming calls?
A. Print the Control DNs.
B. Print the Virtual Agents.
C. Ping the ELAN connection.
D. Dial the Voice Messaging DN as defined in the Configuration Wizard.
Answer: D

Q: 15 You are preparing to set up, install, and configure a CallPilot Rls.5.0 system.
There are many considerations for grounding requirements. Nortel has two rules that apply to grounding requirements. What are the two rules? (Choose two.)
A. Any ground in the building is acceptable.
B. All equipment grounds must use single-point ground topology.
C. The grounds for all equipment must be attached to the building steel.
D. The DC resistance between the equipment and building grounds must very close to zero.
Answer: B, D

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