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Nortel 920-173 Exam -

Free 920-173 Sample Questions:

1. A Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA) user is also a supervisor. You want to ensure that the supervisor automatically sees only his/her agents in the following:
Historical reports
Real-time displays
Contact Center Manager Server
How can this be done most effectively?
A. Configure a standard partition.
B. Configure a user-defined partition.
C. The supervisor will automatically see all of the agents.
D. Link the CCMA user to the supervisor in the reporting agents partition.
Answer: D

2. In a deployed Contact Center Rls. 7.0 network with several sites, which condition will occur if the Network Control Center (NCC) server experiences a hardware failure that drops the server from the network?
A. all call routing and call processing in the network will stop
B. calls are routed between sites but no network call-by-call data will be transferred to the NCC
C. calls will not be routed between sites in the network
D. the Contact Center Manager Servers at each site in the network will also fail
Answer: B

3. In Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA) Rls. 7.0, which element can be configured on the Configuration component?
A. Global Settings
B. Users
C. Agents
D. Partitions
Answer: A

4. In Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS) Rls. 7.0, which set of options specifies how statistics are treated in reports and real-time displays?
A. Activity codes
B. Call Presentation Class
C. Skillset Assignment
D. Threshold Class
Answer: D

5. While the Call Presentation option "After Call Break for N seconds" (break time) is in effect, which event can cancel the break time?
A. An agent is reserved for an NACD call by the switch.
B. An agent can put directory number calls on hold for incoming ACD calls.
C. A break time between calls has been allowed and the agent returns from walk away.
D. A break time between calls has been allowed and the agent releases an individual DN call.
E. A break time between calls has been allowed and the caller abandons the call when on an agent set.
Answer: A

6. If a call reaches the end of script execution and has not been routed to a skillset, to where does the system route the call?
A. Default_NACD
B. Default_Route
C. Default_Agent
D. Default_Skillset
Answer: D

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