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Nortel 920-166 Exam -

Free 920-166 Sample Questions:

1. What is provided with the Communications Control Toolkit (CCT) server and is a sample of what you can do with CCT APIs?
B. Refclient
C. Phone dialer
D. TAPI browser
Answer: B

2. Your customer has installed Communications Control Toolkit. However they have a number of different telephone switches in their system. Which three types of interfaces are supported? (Choose three.)
A. NET link
B. Avaya Interface
C. Alcatel Interface
D. Application Module Link
E. Meridian Link Services (MLS)
Answer: BDE

3. The Full Communication Control Toolkit Application Programming Interface (API) allows for the implementation of two abstract layers. What are the two abstract layers? (Choose two.)
A. Lite Communication Control Toolkit API
B. Textual Communication Control Toolkit API
C. Graphical Communication Control Toolkit API
D. Graphical Interface Communication Control Toolbar API
Answer: AC

4. An Open Queue interface is available to allow Contact Center - Multimedia and third-party applications to route multimedia contacts to agents using the existing scripting and skill set routing features available for calls. The Open Queue is an application supported by which API?
A. Avaya
B. Contact Manager Framework
C. Communication Control Toolkit
D. Meridian 1 PBX/Communication Server 1000
Answer: B

5. Your customer has installed Communication Control Toolkit (CCT) and plans to use CCT for user authentication per connection. However, the customer is concerned about security. Why must CTI users be Windows users?
A. Because the transport verifies network passwords.
B. Because the .net framework is required to support CCT.
C. Because the transport searches for a security certificate.
D. Because the SSL is enhanced to block unauthorized use.
Answer: B

6. Your customer has installed Contact Center Multimedia. They want to use the Contact Center Manager Administration application to import and review call data. Which component allows them to do this?
A. the E-mail Manager component
B. the Multimedia database component
C. the Web Communications component
D. the Outbound Campaign Management Tool component
Answer: D

7. Your customer is using the Contact Center Multimedia server to provide web services for integrating their web site with the contact center. They have three domains: - one containing their Contact Center Multimedia server - one containing their Communication Control Toolkit server - one containing their Contact Center Agent Desktops W hich two conditions are needed? (Choose two.)
A. The Contact Center Agent Desktop domain must have a two-way trust relationship with just the Contact Center Multimedia.
B. The Contact Center Multimedia server and the Communication Control Toolkit server must be put into a different domain than the Contact Center Agent Desktops.
C. The Contact Center Multimedia domain must have a two-way trust relationship with both the
Communication Control Toolkit and the Contact Center Agent Desktop domains.
D. The Communication Control Toolkit domain must have a two-way trust relationship with both the Contact Center Multimedia and the Contact Center Agent Desktop domains.
Answer: CD

8. Your customer is considering installing Communication Control Toolkit Rls. 6.0 (CCT). In their current system, they use multiple operating systems.Which two operating systems support CCT at the server level? (Choose two.)
A. Windows XP Professional
B. Windows XP Media Center
C. Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition
D. Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition
Answer: CD

9. Your customer would like to upgrade their system with Communication Control Toolkit 6.0 (CCT). However, they do not know enough about the new features of CCT new features to make an informed decision. What is NOT a new feature in CCT?
A. Remote Administration Utility
B. CCT allows third-party PBXs
C. Supports Open Queue interaction
D. Co-residency with CCMS is allowed
Answer: B

10. Your customer has installed Communication Control Toolkit (CCT) and wants to work with a number of self-service client applications. CCT allows development of which two applications? (Choose two.)
A. report building
B. screen pop utilities
C. Call Control Toolbar
D. Nortel branded PBX applications
Answer: BC

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