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Nortel 920-132 Exam -

Free 920-132 Sample Questions:

1. A Media Processing Server (MPS) developer has developed an application, which changes the phone line environment option totalcall.
Which statement is true in regards to the value of this timer?
A. The value must first be set using VSH.
B. The value set will be retained until the application exits.
C. The current value will always match the value set in the ccm-phoneline.cfg file.
D. Once the application path which sets the value is executed, the timers value will remain changed until specifically changed again.
Answer: D

2. TAPPMAN is a text-based application manager that allows application control without a GUI interface.
Which command is used to view the line's status?
A. check linestatus
B. view linecondition
C. tappman linestatus
D. tappman linecondition
Answer: C

3. Which command will add the resource vbhstar to the pool poolstat4.
A. pmgr mkavail vbhstar poolstat4
B. pmgr mkavail poolstat4, vbhstar
C. pmgr defpool vbhstar, poolstat4
D. pmgr cfgrsrc poolstat4, vbhstar
Answer: D

4. A new host named Gamma1 has been added to the network. You must define a new vtcpd server mode connection on port 5527. Your Media Processing Server (MPS) hostname is Sector2. This is a multiple host network and all remote configurations have been set.
Which syntax should be used to properly set up this connection?
A. vtcpd -l 5527
B. vtcpd -l Gamma1
C. vtcpd -l Gamma1: 5527
D. vtcpd -l 1:Sector2: 5527
Answer: A

5. AMedia Processing Server (MPS) programmer wants to activate a vocabulary file named 'myprompts' on a Windows platform. Which command should the programmer use?
A. vmm activate m:\mmf\peri\myprompts,system
B. vmm mmfload m:\mmf\peri\myprompts,system
C. smp mmf m:\mmf\peri\myprompts activate,system
D. vmm mmf m:\mmf\peri\myprompts activate,system
Answer: B

6. Mmf files can be activated by more than one method on system startup.
Which two ways could you use to activate mmf files, system wide? (Choose two)
A. Issue the command mmfload mmfname, system, all
B. Copy the mmf file to the directory $MEDIAFILE/mpsN/system
C. Copy the mmf files to the directory $MEDIAFILEHOME/mpsN/system
D. Edit the vmm-mmf.cfg file and add the command mmfload mmfname, system
Answer: CD

7. All media files for callserve1 application need to be deactivated temporarily. A system restart is not allowed at this time.
How would you deactivate the mmf files?
A. Use the command vmm mmfunload all,all
B. Use the command vmm delete all,callserve1
C. Use the command vmm mmfunload all,callserve1
D. Use the command vmm delete mmfname,callsereve1
Answer: C

8. The tms.cfg file is accessed by several MPS processes. Your client wants to ensure that the system parameters are configured correctly.
Which MPS tool is used to configure the tms.cfg file?
A. MPS configuration
B. VOS configuration
C. MMF configuration
D. MMDP configuration
Answer: A

9. Which two parameters can be configured with the Media Processing Server (MPS) configurator? (Choose two.)
A. NIC parameters
B. clock parameters
C. shared resources
D. static resources for spans
Answer: AB

10. A Media Processing Server (MPS) developer would like to test an application without using an actual MPS system.
Which MPS GEM option should be used?
A. run
B. real
C. execute
D. simulated
Answer: D

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