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Nortel 920-130 Exam -

Free 920-130 Sample Questions:

1. A customer wants to install Symposium Express Call Center (SECC) with Voice Service card. The collect digits option from the Voice Service card is required. Which other Nortel application is required in order to satisfy the customer's request in this scenario?
A. Symposium Agent
B. Symposium TAPI SP
C. Symposium Web Client
D. Symposium Web Center Portal
Answer: B

2. A customer has a Meridian 1 and wants to install Symposium Express Call Center (SECC). Which connection is used for call-processing traffic between SECC server and the Meridian 1 switch?
C. Access link
D. Direct serial connection
Answer: A

3. A customer wants to install a Symposium Express Call Center (SECC) 4.2. Which Windows 2000 components are mandatory for SECC 4.2 server installation? (Choose two)
E. Internet Explorer
F. Internet Information Server
Answer: AB

4. Symposium Express Call Center server has been installed and is collecting data. However, none of the Symposium Clients except the Client on the main server can see the data. What method can be used to verify connectivity between the Clients and the main server? (Choose two.)
A. PING the PBX IP address from the server.
B. PING the Client PC IP address from the server.
C. Run Chk Conn from the server for a client IP address.
D. PING the Server CLAN IP address from the Client PC.
Answer: BD

5. In a call center environment, a support specialist observes call default treatment. What is the most probable cause of the problem?
A. a failure with the NCC
B. a failure with the ELAN
C. a failure with the CLAN
D. a failure with the web client application server
Answer: B

6. A customer with Symposium Express Call Center wishes to install third party software on their Symposium Express Call Center server but is unsure which applications Nortel Networks recommends.
Which application is NOT recommended?
A. antivirus software
B. Smartstart utilities
C. pcAnywhere software
D. disk compression software
Answer: D

7. Symposium Express Call Center (SECC) monitors the status of ACD queues and telephones. If the ACD agent phonesets are defined in the PBX and defined in the SECC, what must happen for monitoring of the phonesets to take place?
A. The CDNs must be acquired.
B. Monitoring is automatic when the ELAN is up.
C. The phonesets must be acquired by the SECC.
D. The phonesets must be programmed with a ES at the AAQ prompt.
Answer: C

8. A customer has a Symposium Express Call Center installed and they want to know how to optimize network traffic on their CLAN. Which factor would increase the amount of network traffic on the CLAN?
A. the call rate
B. the power of the SECC CPU
C. the buffers within the Meridian 1
D. the efresh frequency rate to the Real-Time Displays of the Clients
Answer: D

9. A customer has a Windows 2000 network with Windows 2000 Professional desktop clients and wants to install Symposium Express Call Center (SECC). Which statement is TRUE regarding domain considerations for SECC Server?
A. SECC Server must be stand-alone as well as SECC clients.
B. SECC Server must be in customer domain as well as SECC Clients.
C. SECC server can be in customer domain while SECC Clients must be stand-alone.
D. SECC Server must be stand-alone server while SECC Clients can be in customer domain.
Answer: D

10. A customer has Symposium Express Call Center installed and they recently changed the CLAN IP address of the SECC server due to network reconfiguration. Since then, scheduled reports do not run.
What is the probable solution for this problem?
A. Reschedule reports.
B. Reboot SECC Client.
C. Reboot SECC Server.
D. Delete existing report and recreate them.
Answer: A

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