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Nortel 920-128 Exam -

Free 920-128 Sample Questions:

1. Which file is used by the Bootp Daemon to reply to bootp requests made by the Digital Communications Controller (DCC) 3000?
A. C:\Program Files\Nortel\etc\bootptab
B. C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\var\bootptab
C. C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\bootptab
D. C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\opt\nortel\bootptab
Answer: C

2. Speech Servers support N+1 Redundancy by networking hosts together. During a failover scenario, which component in the secondary Speech Server takes over and manages Speech Server resources?
Answer: D

3. Where is the NUANCE environment found?
A. C:\Nuance
B. C:\var\Nuance
C. C:\Program Files\Nuance
D. C:\Program Files\Nortel\etc\Nuance
Answer: A

4. Speech Server node uses a Digital Communications Controller (DCC) 3000 board.Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)
A. A maximum of 30 Speech Server nodes can connect to a DCC 3000 board.
B. A maximum of 32 Speech Server nodes can connect to a DCC 3000 board.
C. All DCC 3000 boards in a Media Processing Server (MPS) node cluster can use one Speech Server node.
D. One DCC 3000 board in a Media Processing Server (MPS) node cluster can use one Speech Server node.
Answer: BC

5. When configuring for N+1 redundancy, where must the Speech Server resources be located?
A. the primary vpshosts file
B. the secondary vpshosts file
C. the existing Speech Server group
D. the primary node's Pool Manager (PMGR)
Answer: A

6. The VPSHOSTS file on the Speech Server node contains important mandatory entries for proper operation. For which are component entries mandatory?
A. tertiary Speech Servers
B. additional Speech Servers
C. the Digital Trunk Controller
D. the connected Application Processors
Answer: D

7. When using the console connection of the Digital Communications Controller (DCC) 3000 to check and change certain parameters, which three are valid? (Choose three.)
A. inclusion of a Subnet Mask
B. shutdown of DCC 3000 card
C. interface used to load FPGAs
D. modifying the Ethernet address
E. sub-interface address configuration
Answer: ACD

8. A technician needs to validate an inbound call is arriving at the DTC. In addition to the dlt logstart command, which one of these commands would you need to add to accomplish this?
A. dlt -linedebug
B. dlt -spanstatus
C. dlt debugFEtrace
D. dlt setrsettrace
Answer: D

9. Click on the Exhibit button.

Which command was used to generate the output?
A. cmm config
B. vmm config
C. cmm repconfig
D. vmm repconfig
Answer: D

10. What must be done if the Windows server was not previously configured for disk mirroring?
A. The server must be removed.
B. The server must be restarted.
C. The server must be powered off.
D. The server must be reconfigured.
Answer: D

11. A technician needs to force a synchronization in a redundant configuration. Which command is used to do this?
A. rcd sync
B. rcd forcesync
C. rcd enablesync
D. rcd syncinterval
Answer: A

12. A technician is in ServeRAID Manager and notices that a disk array is displaying a yellow caution icon.
Which statement describes the cause of this caution icon?
A. Disk synchronization has not started.
B. Disk synchronization is not complete.
C. Disk synchronization is complete but not in a silvered state.
D. Disks cannot synchronize because a disk has bad sectors.
Answer: B

13. Which process resides on the Speech Server node, and is responsible for communicating with one or more Digital Communications Controller (DCC) 3000 boards on the Media Processing Server (MPS) node?
Answer: B

14. Which component, common on both the Media Processing Server (MPS) Application and Speech Server, uses and manages call conferencing, phone line application, and Speech Server resources?
A. Pool Manager (PMGR)
B. Call Control Manager (CCM)
C. Resource Control Manager (RCM)
D. Vengine Application Management Process (VAMP)
Answer: A

15. What is the maximum number of Speech Server nodes that can connect to one DCC 3000?
A. 8
B. 12
C. 24
D. 32
Answer: D

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