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Nortel 920-127 Exam -

Free 920-127 Sample Questions:

1. A BCM 2.5 customer is running an application with one DSM 32+ module with 32 digital sets on two DS-30 resources and is using all remaining DS-30 resources for trunking. If the customer upgrades to BCM 3.0, how many digital sets can be supported?
A. 32
B. 48
C. 64
D. 80
Answer: C

2. You need to install 30 IP sets on a BCM 3.0. What action must you perform first to enable these sets?
A. You need to add keycodes.
B. You need to program H.323 trunks.
C. You must connect the IP sets to the MSC.
D. You need to boot the BCM 3.0 with 30 IP sets connected.
Answer: A

3. You are converting a Norstar system to a BCM 3.0. The customer has existing analog E&M trunks. How can you make these trunks work on the new system?
A. Install a DTM
B. Add keycodes
C. Program them on a FEM
D. Configure them on a BRI module
Answer: C

4. With BCM 3.0, digital station capacity is increased by using new DSMs. What capability allows the new DSMs to achieve this increase?
A. new DSMs allow connection to more DS-30 resources
B. new DSMs allow access to B2 channels of DS-30 resources
C. new DSMs allow access to the D channel of DS-30 resources
D. new DSMs allow connection to the LAP-D channel of DS-30 resources
Answer: A

5. A customer has a 4X16 MBM installed on their BCM 3.0. Which configuration is possible with this hardware?
A. four analog lines & 16 TCMs
B. a total of four H.323 trunks & 16 TCMs
C. four emergency telephones & 16 TCMs
D. a maximum of four ISDN lines & 16 TCMs
Answer: A

6. Your customer requires 2 CAP modules for their attendant set. What equipment do you require to make these CAPs work?
A. A M7316 with one SAP
B. A M7324 with one SAP
C. A M7324 with two SAPs
D. A M7310 with two TCM connections
Answer: B

7. You are installing a BCM 3.0 with 16 IP trunks, 32 IP sets and 64 T series sets.What action is required to make this operational?
A. Add Networking VPIM keycodes.
B. Program 32 IP sets and 64 analog sets.
C. Set the DS30 split to 3/5 and install DSM32s.
D. Set the DS30 split to 3/5 and install a DSM16.
Answer: C

8. Your customer has three workstations with PC's but no wired sets and requires communication access.
What solution can you offer the customer?
A. Install an ASM
B. Install a I2050
C. Add VoIP trunks
D. Program a I2004
Answer: B

9. You need to install two additional PECs in an existing BCM 3.0 which currently has two installed. Where would you install the two additional cards?
A. Connect the PEC cards to the FEM.
B. Install the PEC cards on the V.90 card.
C. Install the PEC cards on the media services card.
D. Connect the PEC cards to the spare PCI slots in the BCM3.0.
Answer: C

10. A BCM 3.0 with an optional expansion cabinet needs a DS256 adapter cable to be installed. How do you ensure the physical connection is secure?
A. Check the fiber connection on the FEM.
B. Ping the LAN card from the customer's network.
C. Make sure there is a line connected to the modem card.
D. Ensure the cable is connected to the media services card.
Answer: D

11. You have programmed extension 2223 to be Direct Dial Set 2. How do you program an extension so that when the user dials intercom 0, they reach the extension 2223?
A. Intrusion
B. Within Capabilities
C. Within Line Access
D. Within User Preferences
Answer: B

12. You have just installed a new set for extension 2223. Extension 2223 has target line number 260 which is programmed to appear and ring on the set. You have allowed call log space for this extension, and activated "log all calls". If the user at extension 2223 misses a call, the set does not display "calls for you".
What has NOT been programmed?
A. Call Log Set "Y"
B. Reset all Call Log space
C. Reinstall voicemail and increase the Call Log space
D. Increase the Call Log space assigned to extension 2223
Answer: A

13. You are installing a BCM 3.0 for a customer that only has one location. What type of trunks would NOT be applicable for this installation?
C. TIE Lines
D. Loop Start
Answer: C

14. A BCM 3.0 customer has set up a configuration using a primary route and multiple overflow routes with one route designated as an expensive route. Assume that a call has overflowed from one route to another route that has been designated as an expensive route within the same mode. What action will happen on the call?
A. call will be blocked
B. no expensive route warning tone will be invoked
C. an expensive route warning tone will be invoked
D. call will be redirected to a route that has not been designated as expensive
Answer: B

15. You have installed a point-to-point PRI on the BCM 3.0 to an Option 11. The Option 11 has a 6 digit DN length. You are using route 010 that has a Private "DN type". When making a call to the Option 11 you are only able to dial 4 digits, then you receive a fast busy signal. What has not been programmed for your dialing plan?
A. Public DN length needs to be programmed for 6 digits
B. Private DN length needs to be programmed for 6 digits
C. Private Network type needs to be programmed as UDP
D. Private Network type needs to be programmed as CDP
Answer: B

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